Monday, 25 April 2016

Makeup Revolution Birthday Haul

I know I'm super late with this post but I haven't had a chance to sit down and blog recently, BUT here I am with a haul. Makeup Revolution celebrated their 2nd Birthday party last month in London which I couldn't attend to sadly so they were very kind and sent me a bunch of goodies. I wasn't expecting anything until my mum said there was a parcel for me which made me excited, the parcel was huge. They definitely spoilt me rotten and I thought id share these amazing products with you.

First off there was a black bag inside which says ''I helped Revolution'' which I thought was a cute idea. They are really good to their bloggers who get a chance to work with them. Makeup Revolution also have a sister ''Freedom Makeup'' which they also put a few products in which excites me as I haven't tried their products before. Both brands are stocked in Superdrug.

Starting off with Makeup Revolution products, the first thing I noticed was there Antibacterial Brush Cleanser, I was just about to order my self one of these, I normally just stick to baby shampoo and warm water so I can't wait to give this a go. Moving on to the Rose Gold Packaging, I noticed one of there lipsticks in the shade ''Girls Best Friend'' which is this gorgeous pink shade. Along with the Rose Gold I also received there Ultra Metal Foundation Brush which I have used and its super soft on the skin and blends my foundation out really well.

As I said before I haven't tried anything from Freedom Makeup so I couldn't wait to start trying everything out. The one product that excites me the most is their Pro Studio Strobe Cream, my skin looked very healthy and glowy once applied and I new this was an exact Dupe from Mac's Strobe cream. The next thing I saw was this MASSIVE Pro Artist Pad Black Arts Eyeshadow Palette, the colours looked gorgeous and I'm spoilt for choice. 

Last but not least are a few extra products Superdrug popped in. I haven't tried any of these products before so yet again I was even more excited. I love a good pair of fake Eyelashes for nights out, I received these Lash Eyelashes Volume/21, I think these will look really nice on. Next is the Solait Express Tan in Medium/Dark, I love a good tan so definitely couldn't wait to give this a go, its a gradual tan so the longer you leave it the darker it will be. There was a few other products such as some Makeup wipes from B.Pure Micellar, Dragon Fruit and Vanilla Shower Cream which smells amazing and some Honey Blonde Hair Toner.

So that's everything I received from Makeup Revolution, there goodie bag was amazing and spoilt me with such great products. Do you like Makeup Revolution and did you attend there party?

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