Wednesday, 28 October 2015


As most of you know Boohoo is a online fashion website, I have shopped with them for years, their tops, jumpers and dresses are so affordable. I was extremely lucky to receive an email asking me if Id like to take part in there Halloween compaign, I quickly said 'yes' and I had joys of excitement. I couldn't believe what I saw inside the package, along with the lounge wear set. Inside was cute little halloween treats and a few pamper products, this made me even more excited.

Every year I have been out for halloween dressing up in something spooky but this time I was having a girly night in. Boohoo asked me if I was #HallowIN or #HallowOUT, this year I just fancied staying in watching some scary films while having a girly pamper of course, nothing excites me more than being comfy in PJS surrounded by yummy goodies. I was browsing their Nightwear section and I went for this cute ''Tia Messy Hair Don't Care T-shirt and jogger set, (I love that cute saying) which I thought would be super comfy to lounge around in at home.

Boohoo kindly sent some extra spookily surprises in the package. How gorgeous are these Elegant Touch Nails? I'm so in love and I can't wait to wear them. One thing I'm extremely excited to try is ''Mr Bean Coffee Bean Scrub with skin loving Organic Coconut oil vitamin E - Sea Salt'' doesn't that sound amazing? I've seen this brand before and so many bloggers have raved about it, my skin is going to feel amazing after I use this. To spice things up in the evening I got given some Hair Chalk spray in Green which I thought might make the evening a bit more fun, you can pick them up from Superdrug to make your costume look even better. A few more goodies were also added with some yummy BlueBird Spiced Pumpkin Pie Tea and a Gosh Lipstick in Classic Red. Not to mention a Halloween hard sweet and a glow stick pop.

Boohoo definitely spoilt me rotten and its made my evening extra fun. If your staying in for Halloween this year check out there Night Wear range HERE.


Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Skin Care Saver // Sudo Cream Skin Care Cream

Sudo Cream hasn't been part of my skincare routine for that long. I have a friend who swears by it for breakouts, dry patches etc. I always thought this product was for babies not for adults to put on their face. I was luckily enough to get given a small tube of this skin care cream to test out. On the packaging it doesn't say anything about using it on ''babies'' so that makes me feel a bit better about putting it onto my face, it just says use on irritated /sore skin and form a barrier which protects against irritants, allowing the skin to maintain its natural, healthy and supple condition.

Ive been using this cream most days, I tend to get quite dry around the corners of my mouth and around the nose area, I also like to apply this on those dry areas an hour before I apply my makeup, I found this made my foundation not cling to any dry patches. One thing I have to point out is how amazing this is for spots, I don't normally break out but when its that ''time of the month'' that's when i tend to get 1 or 2, I simply cover the spot just before I go to sleep and ill wake up and its reduced the redness and healed much quicker than I thought, mine tend to only be a small breakout. Celebrity's apply this all over the face before bed as an over night mask to give a healthy glow. I tried it once and I must say it made my skin look so much more healthier, lets says I didn't need to apply much highlighter.

You can use this product in any way you like,  I can definitely say this as helped my skin out so much. It only retails at £1.99 and you can pick it up for Boots or any pharmacies.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Amazon Beauty Bargains

I haven't shopped on Amazon in ages, I used to browse their website all the time, if you need anything such as beauty, tools, furniture, its a one shop for everything. I was in need of a new electric tooth brush head and instead of going to Boots or Salisbury's I thought Amazon would do some much more cheaper ones (which the did) and while I was at it I thought id have a look and see if I can grab some bargains and oh yes I did. When you click on something you want you can actually have a look to see which website does the product cheaper and which one has free shipping etc, so you can add it all up and compare and pick the one which is the cheapest. AMAZING.

Ive been wanting to try the La Girl Pro Concealer for some time, if you watch Shaaanxo videos you'll know she uses this concealer all the time. I decided to get the shade Natural for under my eyes, it gives great coverage although its quite thick, I then decided to pick Beautiful Bronze to cream contour with. These both were only £3.69 each and the original price is £5.00. I wanted a brush that I could use to cream contour with and I thought the Real Techniques Stippling Brush would be perfect, I managed to pick it up for £6.25 and the original price is around £10. Last but not least is the Nanshy Powered Brush, I don't have a large powder brush in my collection so I thought id best pick one up, although I don't think this brush is that large I could do with a much bigger one. I managed to pick it up for £8.25 and the original price is roughly £10.95.

So there's my little bargain haul. I hope you enjoyed. Have you used any of these items before?

Monday, 12 October 2015

Hair Care Saviours // Nanokeratin Hair Treatments

've never heard of the brand called Nanokeratin before until now, they are a haircare brand that sell Shampoo's, Conditioners and masks. I was very happy when they contacted me to try a few samples. I love trying out new brands as I've been looking for something to bring my hair back to life as I dye my hair pretty much every month, I tend to get bored using the same products and its nice for your hair to use different brands now and then.

The lady who contacted me via email asked me what kind of hair type I have to ensure I was given the right products for my hair. I have dry coloured hair so I received a leave in Conditioner and a Colour Preserving Mask. Both of these treatments are meant to give moisture back into my hair, protect my hair, restore optimum moisture levels, cleanse my hair and the most important one is that it doesn't strip any of the colour out.

I really enjoy using leave in conditioners, my hair needs it ever so often. Ive only used Aussie and I love it. With this product you simply apply to towel dried hair and work the product into the ends, blow dry and style as usual. My hair felt amazing and silky. I tend to not use Masks for my hair which I really should, I enjoyed using it and I noticed such a difference, I prefer it to the leave in conditioner. You apply it from you roots to tips and its designed to nourish and revive hair from within. I would leave it on for 15-20mintues, Instantly my hair felt so soft and lightweight as some can make my hair feel quite heavy, it really helped my knotty hair so I didn't have to struggle with my tangle teaser.

Overall I've loved using these samples and I've noticed such a big difference, Im definitely going to buy the bigger bottles. You can buy these two products on the Toni & Guy website HERE. They are so worth the money.

Whats your favourite Masks & leave in Conditioners?

Friday, 9 October 2015

NEW Eyebrow stylus pencil and gel from Nudestix

We all know Brows are such an important look to the face, Im so happy I received this from Nudestix as Ive been needing a new brow product as I've nearly ran out of my Soap & Glory pencil. Im always on the look out and I'm still trying to find that one product that makes my brows look amazing and to keep in place all day, I much prefer to use pencil/crayon as I feel like I have control and there so easy to use. I was so excited to try there newest launch, the Eyebrow Pencil Stylus & Gel and Brow Wax.
This Eyebrow stylus is a waterproof 2-in-1 brow pencil and brow gel, it has a tri-angled tip for precise application one side then the other side is a gel to keep them brows in place. You also receive a brow wax pencil which is a clear soft wax that styles even the most stubborn and course hairs, this brow wax creates the perfect shape in seconds. 

The Eyebrow Stylus and Gel comes in four shades - Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Brown & Brown/Black. I have brown which is the perfect match for me. The great thing about this pencil is that it doesn't need to be sharpened, you simply just twist the end to get more product out, it makes the application so quick and easy. The brow gel on the other end is very small and narrow, perfect for travelling, but with it being small I find it very easy to use and my application is neat, I have found it gives them a great hold throughout the day. 

The Nudestix Brow Wax is a soft clear waterproof wax pencil that can be sharpened (with the handy sharper you receive with it). You lightly run it over your brows after filling them in to keep its shape and colour. It keeps your eyebrows looking great all day.
I think both products are lovely, if you love using brow pencils but want that extra bit of a hold then I recommened you giving this a try. Its definitely a quick and easy on the go product that gives you such natural looking brows. They both retail at $24, available at sephora & Beautylish.

Have you tried anything from Nudestix before?

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo & Silk 18 Conditioner

I love using all different kinds of shampoo and Conditioners, I still haven't found the right ones that have made my hair feeling amazing. I was given these two Shampoo and Conditioners to test out by Maple Holistics which are based in America which is exciting as I've never heard of this brand until now. I can be quite sceptical as I tend to stick to haircare such as Loreal and Tresemme. My hair is such a nightmare to maintain, its long and thick and always getting tangled. My scalp can become dry and with my hair being so thick and long it needs a pretty good conditioner to sort itself out. 

The Argan Shampoo also known as Morrocan Oil goes such a long way and lathers up really well, it made my hair look so healthy, clean and shiny and I haven't found a shampoo that's been good enough for that. It also managed to maintain my frizziness which I'm very happy about so if you have frizzy hair like me this may help you. This Shampoo has Argan, Jojoba, Peach Kernel, Almond, Camellia Seed and Avocado, any of these ingredients in a shampoo you know is going to be amazing for your hair. The Conditioner for me is even better than the shampoo, I've tried so many and most of them have been pretty rubbish apart from Loreal which I love, Its very thick and moisturising as my hair can be dry at times so its quite a heavy conditioner but not heavy enough to be a mask. I can't forget the Vanilla scent which smells amazing.

Overall I'm really enjoying using them and ill definitely purchase more in the future. You can reach there products HERE if you fancy a quick nose about.