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If anyone would like to get hold of me my email is :)


  1. I've tagged you in the Seven Deadly Sins tag, and I would enjoy reading your answers. See it here at :) love your blog too

  2. how do u get so many followers? i love reading ur blog but I've been blogging for the around the same time as you and i have next to none x any tips? :)

    1. Oooo gosh I have no idea, do you have twitter? If so I put it all on there it's all I do for advertising my blog, if people ask for links I send them mine :) mainly the #bbloggers chat on Sundays and Mondays, that's about it really :) xx

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and spent way more time than I actually have reading your posts! Consider me a new follower, I really enjoyed reading your blog :) Also, you are absolutely stunning! I've just recently started a beauty blog so you've given me some inspiration. Have a lovely day! X

  4. Hey, love your blog, just wondering if you could check out my latest post?