Friday, 29 May 2015

Iconemesis Tea Pot Phone Case

How pretty is this phone case? I recently got contacted by Iconemsis which is a company that sell I phone cases, I was lucky enough to pick one, so I had a browse through there website, they have so many pretty cases it was quite hard to pick only one. I only have a clear case for my phone so I was happy to pick a more prettier case. I went for this cute little Bunny in a Tea Pot, and the colours are right up my street, light pink, grey and white, love them colours together.

They only sell cases for phone's that are 5/5C/5S, 6 and 6 Plus. Another great thing is that quite a few of them are on sale at the moment from £15 down to only £5 which is very good as the quality of them is amazing, so go and grab one quick.

Definitely check out there website HERE

Friday, 22 May 2015

Boots Haul // Benefit, Soap&Glory & Liz Earle

I hope everyones had a lovely week and is looking forward to the weekend and bank holiday Monday, I can't wait to get away for Four days, a little break is much needed. I went shopping a couple of days ago looking for my dad and brothers birthday present, and I thought to myself ''I actually haven't had a little splurge in boots for some time'' so I wanted to pick up some new products and to treat myself of course ;)

I can't believe just Four things came to around £60.00 its just insane. Ive been needing a new exfoliater for some time, Ive gone without one for a couple of months so I picked up the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliater, I love her cleanser so thought I should test out more of her products as they are pretty amazing so I shall look forward to using this. I was then just browsing around the Soap&Glory stand, I've been wanting to try a lipstick from their so I went for the classic nude colour which is called ''The Missing Pink'' it is such a gorgeous pinky nude colour, I think this will be my new everyday lipstick. Ive also seen IntheFrow (Victoria) from you tube, has been using this Soap&Glory 6-in-1 Multiactive moisture lotion in her videos and she said she loved it, Ive nearly run out of my other moisturiser so thought id pick this up and give it ago, I hope it very moisturising and doesn't irritate my skin. Last but not least is the Benefit Roller Lash, I was just going to stick to the three things but as I was standing in the long queue, the Mascara was right there and everyone has raved about it a lot, I must be the last person to try it haha so I picked it up quickly hehe. I really hope it lives up to the hype, this is also my first ever high end mascara so I have high hopes.

Let me know if you have very tried any of these Four products before and what are your thoughts?

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Two Bargains from depop & Ebay - Nars & Too Faced

Ive become a bit obsessed with finding cheaper make up on Depop and Ebay, your probably thinking ew thats gross using used make up but luckily for me they are brand new PHEW, I would never buy used makeup, they have only been swatched (well from what the buyers say anyways).  Also its a great way to try out new products.

Ive been wanting to get the TooFaced lipstick in Naked dolly for the longest time possible and some lady was selling it for £10 on Depop, I was thinking thats crazy, so I had to quickly buy it as loads of other ladies were interested. Its the perfect nude shade but has a slight pinky undertone to it, I couldn't believe how moisturising it was as thought it would be a matte lipstick but I'm wrong there. Next is the Nars tinted moisturiser in the shade light 1, I was bidding for this on Ebay and ended up only paying £12, Ive only got the creamy concealer which I love so I want to invest in some more Nars products, I'm lucky that its 100% real as my friend has this and we compared and looked at all the writing and it was all the same :) I know there are a lot of fakes on there so you do have to be careful. Im yet to give this a try.

Have you tried any of these two products? What do you think?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Top 3 Favourite Concealers

I am a massive concealer fan, I have gone through them all like no tomorrow. Ive been searching for the right texture, the right shades, and the right coverage, and yet to this day I'm still trying to find an amazing one, but for now these three concealers are at the very top. I suffer with creasing and dark circles alough they aren't looking too bad at the minute so I can kinda get away with a light concealer as I do love a thick one that can cover them well. I love days when my skin is looking clear, as I can just pop on a bit of concealer, bronzer and mascara then I'm good to go.

Nars Creamy Concealer - Vanilla £21.00
I was sceptical about buying a high end concealer, but this concealer for me is right at the top. From the moment I tried it I new I was going to love it, I ordered this online and Im so happy it matches me, I'm in the shade vanilla which is second to lightest. It covers every single spot keeps the area hydrated and doesn't look cakey throughout the day. It makes my skin look flawless.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair £4.19
Every single persons owns this concealer, you must have this in your collection. This is the most well known concealer on the planet. Its just so cheap and great for what it does, it covers redness, spots and even blends nicely under the eyes and gives great coverage. Definitely purchase this if your don't want to splash out on a highend one.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - Light £10.00
Another Cheapish Concealer that does a good job, I know some people are hit and miss with this but for me it does a great job. I love that it comes with a translucent setting powder which I have been using everytime as it just keeps it all in place, the concealer comes in two types, a salmon colour which I use first to place over my dark circles then I will use the actual concealer on top and blend it all in together, The coverage is just a bit thicker than the Lasting collection which I love as it covers my dark circles more, although this concealer is a tad bit dark for my liking so with fair skin I don't think it would work as I can just about get away with it.

Im always on the look out for more concealers, let me know your favourite ones so I can take a look :)

Friday, 8 May 2015

Two Favourite Maybelline Mascaras

I hope everyones having a lovely day and roll on the weekend woo! Today I'm here with my two favourite Maybelline Mascaras, I have worked through every single Maybelline mascara that they bring out, I don't know about you but I have loved pretty much every single one apart from the Rocket which was in the blue tube it just didn't work for me and I didn't like how it applied onto my lashes.

My first favourite is the Lash sensational which retails at £7.99, I can't remember when it came out I think it was at the end of last year but everyone said it was amazing and I have to agree. I love the packaging its in a lovely rose pink metallic tube. Maybelline introduce this as a ''unique open fan brush and fresh liquid formula capture and volumize lashes from root to top. The brush is really interesting it has two curves, an inner curve with small bristles that are great for reaching the roots of the lashes, and a large outer curve with long bristles that fan out the lashes at their tips. It really does what it says I love it, the formula isn't too wet and does a great job with separating my lashes and it doesn't clump up.

My next favourite is the Great Lash which retails at £4.99 even better its cheaper. I remember when I first picked this up as the packing just looked so crazy, it definitely stood out to me. I find with this mascara it gives you more of a natural look, so if you like loads of coats this properly wouldn't be the one, you would need to use at least 10 coats to get loads of volume which wouldn't be ideal. This mascara is so ideal to take away with you and to keep in your makeup bag as its pretty small, I love using this for my bottom lashes as its the perfect size to grab each lash.

So theres my two favourite Maybelline Mascaras, Let me know what your favourite one is from this brand?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bare minerals - Well Rested Conceler + Original foundation

I have been testing these two products out for ages now and I thought it was about time I should do a review. I bought Well Rested 5 months ago and the Original foundation about 2 months ago. I saw Shaaanxo on youtube using Well rested and she loved it and said how brightening it made her under eye look, I definitely needed something like this so I went ahead and bought it (as you do). Loads of bloggers recommend the foundation on twitter as I was looking for a new one at the time and I trust them so I went for it. Now a little bit more about the products and what I really thought...

Well Rested Concealer Powder -'' is an Ivory eye Brightener with yellow undertones, its a mineral product so it looks like an ultra finely powder and it blends in seamlessly with out sitting onto the skin and looking cakey like a normal powder''. I don't think it does quite what it says. I really don't think this is worth the hype which is a shame seeing as most people like it, I wish it worked well for me but will obviously work for other people. When I apply it, it just looked too cakey no matter how much I tried to blend it in, you could just see it sitting ontop of my skin it was horrible. I applied it on top of concealer and on its own. One thing it did do was brighten up my under eyes which I love but I just found it too powdery and cakey no matter what I did, even with an eye cream it was still no hope. Retails at £19.00.

Original foundation in Fairly Light - I really hated this foundation at first, I thought the coverage was rubbish and the amount of times I was just swirling the brush around on my face it looked like I had applied nothing, but then I started to use a flat top kabuki brush and used a little less product I could start to see it on the skin, just by using a differed brush I could really see the difference, I love how natural it looks and how buildable you can make it, it feels like your wearing nothing on the skin which a a bonus. Retails at £26.00

Have you used these two products before? What do you think?