Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The raved about Nars Lagnua

Im sure you all know by now I'm a massive bronzer fan, a day doesn't go by when I havent applied bronzer all over my face. I will pick up any bronzer I like the look, I literally go bronzer crazy and most bronzers suit my skin tone so I don't really need to worry about it looking too orange as I know it will be fine. Im sure I've mentioned this bronzer before, it may of been in my top 3 bronzers but I thought id do a review of it on its own and go bit more in detail.

Im sure most people own this bronzer and can agree its amazing and probably one of the best bronzers I own. All Nars makeup is pretty basic with the typical rubbery black packaging which can get absolutely filthy with all finger marks/makeup all over it, It also comes with a decent large mirror inside too. There bronzers actually come in 3 shades, Laguna, Casino and irrestisiblement which I have never heard of. Laguna is definitely the most owned, its such a gorgeous colour, I'm not good at describing but id say its a medium tan shade with a slight ash tone which makes its perfect for contouring and warming up light - medium skin tones. Its blends out so nicely and the texture is so soft so you can see how its a favourite to many people.

The pigmentation is spot on, I only need to swirl my brush a little bit into the product for a natural look and its covered the areas of where I wanted to bronze, but as I love to bronze and contour I go all out. It lasts pretty well on my skin, It still looks lovely on my skin when its been on my face for 10hours, it doesn't go patchy but I do use a primer and a setting spray so maybe that helps.

Overall this is a definite bronzer you need to have in your collection, it is rather pricy (£27.50) but its so with the money for what youve payed for, Ive used it non stop and I haven't even hit pan yet.

Have you used this bronzer?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Soap & glory Mother Pucker - The Missing Pink

Lipsticks are such a fun wearable makeup product, I can't stop collecting them, as I don't wear eyeshadow that much due to it making my eye lids super dry, I often go all out on the lipstick to brighten up my look. I go from nudes, pinks, berrys and peachy colours, Im not brave enough to wear a red yet.

 I am loving Soap & Glorys makeup at the moment, if you haven't tried any of their makeup I definitely recommend you trying them out. One thing I am impressed with is their lipsticks, the packaging is pretty basic, its just a black plastic tube with some writing on it its nothing special or fancy but the actual lipstick is a lot nicer, I love what S&G have done with the lipstick itself, by printing their logo on to it, thats what makes it different to the other highstreet ones. From the swatch the picture dosent do the colour any justice, it looks rather dull which is the best way to describe it. I know everyone hates this 'saying' and I do too but it really is a ''my lips but better '' shade, it gives my lips a bit more of a pinky colour with a bit of shine, Its a colour wear you don't need a mirror and you can quickly apply if your in a rush. The colour is so wearable and goes with my everyday look. I haven't hardly seen anyone talk about this so it deserves some credit.

Its super creamy and smooth and doesn't dry out my lips which I Love, and it manages to stay on my lips for about 3-4 hours, some lipsticks can leave a stain and can look horrible and patchy but this one just fades away a tiny bit without anyone noticing so you can quickly top up.

Overall I hadn't done any research on this lipstick and I really like it. Have you tried this lipstick before?

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Feel Unique & The Body Shop Haul

Recently I haven't been in the mood to blog but I've had a nice 2 week break, it really does help and I'm now back and ready to start again. A Couple of days ago I went on the Feel Unique website as I was in need of a new concealer but I wasn't just going to buy one thing I thought id make the most of it and buy a few things that I don't really need but its nice to treat yourself every now and then ''she says''. I could spend ages on there but I only bought four things which I thought was sensible although just these four items didn't come cheap.

I've been dying to get my hands on Benefits Rockateur, its the most gorgeous blush I have ever seen, I'm not a fan of blushers id rather spend my money on bronzers, but I think this blush will suit my skintone and will look so pretty so its definitely worth the money in my eyes. Next is this First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, I've seen this brand everywhere but I never new what to get so I went with this foamy cleaner which I thought would go nicely with my magnitone and all I have is cleansing balms so I wanted something a bit different in my collection. Ive never tried anything from Estee Lauder so I went and bought the Double Wear Concealer in the shade Light, I don't have a concealer that is very brightening for under my eyes and I was hoping that this would work and I have tried it and its amazing and also covers my dark circles which is a bonus. Last but not least is the Clinique Colour pop lip colour in Melon Pop, this is such a gorgeous Peachy/orange shade, I was bit sceptical with this being too bright but it isn't at all its very subtle, my whole collection is full of nudes and pinks so I'm happy I went for this, this is definitely my new favourite lipstick.

I popped into The Body shop a couple of days ago to pick up a new moisturiser, so I went with the vitamin E Moisture cream, its smells lovely and is very hydrating. I was then eager to pick up the vitamin E Face mist as I have seen this all over youtube and blogs so I had to see what the face is about.

Let me know if you've tried any of these products and if you would like a review on a certain one :)

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Are these two really worth it?

Ive really been loving skincare at the moment, I kind of go through stages wanting cleansers, toners etc then one minute I want all the makeup in the world. My skin is pretty good/clear so I barely use that much products (oops) I do cleanse, tone, mask and moisturiser but thats when I can be bothered and I want to give my skin a good clean. Maybe I don't bother that much cause I'm using boring skincare products, who knows? I then had a thought, every person needs to take care of there skin a splash of water is going to do nothing, but to me id rather spend my money on makeup and clothes any day. Ive suddenly had a turn and I want every highend skincare there is, although they are expensive so I've been sticking to highstreet for now.

Anyways enough of my ramble, what do I really think of these two skincare products? do they work? Should I be spending my money on much more high quality products? 

Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 cleansing water - I have been through loads of cleansing waters, Garner, Loreal, If you asked me which one works better and whats the difference I couldn't tell you, to me they are all just as good as each other, this cost only £4.49 a bargain and this is one product I wouldn't bother splashing my money out on for a higher end one.

La Roche Posay Serozinc spray - Im not really sure what I think of this, Ive tried another product from this range and it broke me out, but I thought I would give this range another go seeing as everyone raved about this product. I don't really see the hype in my opinion, I don't find it moisturising or worth using as I see no benefits, it also gives me the odd couple of spots which is a shame.

Don't get me wrong I love spending money on cheaper alternatives but its also nice to have a luxury pamper knowing your getting your moneys worth, so Im now going on the hunt for some new skincare such as Elemis, clarins. I want to enjoy taking my makeup off at night with products I enjoy. What do you think of these two products? Whats your Favourite skincare product?