Friday, 27 February 2015

The Body Shop - Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Review

I am loving The Body shop Products at the moment, everything seems to be impressing me and I can't wait to get my hands on some more things. Now you may know I have combination skin so I look for all sorts of primers that can help control my oily skin and minimise my horrible large pores, I am pretty impressed with this.

The product comes in a tube which is easy to push out the product, the annoying thing about this is you don't know how much is left but I'm not bothered about that, It has a translucent yellowish colour but it doesn't have any colour once applied onto the skin, the consistency is quite thick, but it feels very light and its so easy to blend. The scent is Tea Tree (hence the name of the product) it can smell quite strong once applied but it then disappears, it also has a cooling effect which is nice, it makes me feel a bit refreshed.

 What I love most about it is that it is a Tea Tree oil based, meaning it has antibacterial properties so it also treats the skin and you can just pop this on any spot also. Its minimises my pores really well and mattefies my face, I can go 4-5hours without touching up but then I start to see the oiliness come through, you could even apply this over makeup through out the day to mattify your face, but I haven't tried that myself though.

I can't wait to pick up some more products, let me know whats your favourite product and what I should maybe check out :) It retails at only £7.50

Sunday, 22 February 2015

How much is your face worth? // TAG

Ive seen this Tag going around and it looks quite fun to see how much your face is worth but quite scary at the same time, Im glad I've finally got around to doing this as I don't think my face is worth that much, but I could be wrong. I kind of use a mixture of high-end and high-street makeup, but mainly highstreet if I'm going nowhere special, so this is my makeup on a day to day basis so when Im going to work or shopping etc. I would hate to see how much my face is worth on a night out, maybe ill do that too? I also forgot to add my mascara into the picture but there was noway I was going to retake this photo as I wouldn't be able to get it perfect again ha. Lets go ahead and see how much everything is...

Mac Strobe Cream - £24.50
The Body Shop Tea Tree pore Minimiser - £7.50
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream - £9.99
Soap & glory Kick Ass Concealer - £10.00
So Susan Dual Brow Powder - £11.95
Maybelline Brow Drama - £4.99
Mac Studio Fix powder - £21.50
Soap & glory solar Bronzer - £11.00
Daniel Sandler EyeLiner - £9.25
Revlon Colour burst Lacquer Balm - £7.00
Loreal Miss Manga Mascara - £8.99
Urban Decay Setting Spray - £21.00

My face is worth - £147.67 I don't think that is bad atall :D it could be a lot worse but I didn't think it would cost that much though! I can relax now.
I tag you all to do this and see how much your face is worth, good luck!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

BornPrettyMakeup #2

If you saw my other BornPrettyMakeup post, you would know a lovely women contacted me and asked if I would like to review a few of their products. This time I was allowed to pick 3 products which would catch my eye and I would be interested in trying. I picked a lip pencil, Eyebrow Gel and a lipgloss.

Lets start off with the lip pencil, there was 3 pretty shades to pick from, a very light nude, a very dark nude brown and then the nude pinky colour which I picked and thought it would suit me best as I wear these type of colours the most. Im in love with the colour, I was quite surprised how long the lip pencil was, its way bigger than the other lip pencils I have, I don't know if you can tell by the picture as I cropped the top bit off, its going to last for ages which is a good sign, It lasted quite well on my lips aswell as I wore it to work so I'm super impressed with this. Next is this Lipgloss, as you know from my last post I wasn't a fan of the bright pink barbie colour, and this is kind of the exact same, I'm quite disappointed with this, I was searching for swatches to see what colour to go for, and it was really difficult and the pictures weren't that great on the site either so I kind of had to go with what was infont of me on their website, I picked 07 and in the picture it looks like a nice pinky nude colour, well this is far from nude lol, I tested it on my lips and its quite sheer so its actually not that bad and I only put a tiny bit on so it looked like I had some sort of colour on my lips, if you want it more pigmented it will look like the colour in the picture, Its very moisturising but it didn't last long on my lips so you have to do a lot of touching up, which can be annoying. Last is the EyeBrow Gel in the shade 02, there was only two shades to pick from and as I have dark hair I thought this would match me, but it doesn't :( this is extremely dark it makes my  eyebrows look like slugs, its such a shame as I'm in need of a new Brow Gel, BUT it did set my brows into place, I just wished I picked the lighter shade, damn it. I love the packaging though, its much pretty than my maybelline one ha, 

I hope you liked this little review and I wasn't too negative haha, all the products are great, its my fault for picking the complete wrong shades that did didn't suit me, but they do need to make the swatches online better. If you want to take a look at the products I've listed them below and it will take you straight to the site.

Friday, 13 February 2015

GlossyBox // February Love Edition

As you all know tomorrow is Valentines day and its no surprise that this box is the 'love edition' I love it when the box has a design on them it makes it bit more fun and interesting, how cute is the packaging? Im super happy with this months box its definitely my favourite so far, As you can see they gave us some love hearts, how cute. They will be gone in minutes ha, Lets go ahead and see what I received this month...
So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & cheek Palette - £8
Ive tried some of their products before I'm a huge fan of their blushes, although I'm not really a fan of these lip and cheeks palettes, it looks like something I used to have when I was very young lol its very tiny and comes in 4 shade, a nude, a red, a baby pink and bright pink. It doesn't even have a mirror in the lid, I think this is my least favourite product out of the rest which is a shame as I do like SoSusan products.
Wilkinson sword hydro Silk - £9.99
I was not expecting this to come in the box, this product will always come in handy, and they always need replacing. Ive been using the make 'Venus' as they are pretty good. This has a bar that activates when it meets water to release serum to help keep your legs soft. Sound good to me.
Got2be All Star 10 in 1 Styling Treatment - £4.07
When I saw this I was so excited, got2be is one of my top hair products out there other than Tresemme and a few others, this sounds like my kind of thing for my hair. You apply this on damp hair and its frizz free, has heat and humidity proof, gives a bit of shine to your hair, makes it stronger and thick which I don't need as its thick already, makes it smooth and more supple, so thats all your hair problems sorted at the same time.
Marsk Mineral EyeShadow - fifty Shades £14.49
Well we all know where that name relates to lol, Ive had this eyeshadow before but in a copper shade. This shade is a lovely metallic colour and its very pigmented and has a nice shimmer to it. I can't wait to have a play around and create some looks with it.
Royal Apothic Tinties - $14
 This is a brand from los angeles and its rumoured to be a Victoria Beckham favourite, do we believe that or not? This packaging is gorgeous and this will look cute on my dressing table, the lid is rose gold which is my favourite. Its contain shea butter and a trio of oils (organ, grape seed and almond) and helps to nourish the lips, I love the coral colour and it smells heavenly, ill definitely be using this on a day to day basis.

What do you think of this months Glossybox? I love that I got full 5 sized products, it only worth £10 plus P&P

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Body Shop - SeaWeed Ionic Clay Mask

Ive just realised that I haven't done a review in ages, I love doing them so I don't know why I haven't. Masks are my favourite part of my routine, I like playing around with different masks and seeing the results its made on my skin and it just feels much cleaner and softer. I love finding different masks that will do anything to help my pores and combination skin. I'm quite lucky that my skin doesn't react to most products so I can pretty much try anything and my skin wont react. The problem with my skin is my t-zone and large pores that drive me insane, I hate them as to me they look noticeable. I know clay masks are pretty good for these problems so I new this would help.

This seaweed mask is great for people with combination/oily skin, the most important ingredient in this is the bladderwrack seaweed, its known to have a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties. The mask looks like a thick greyish mud and has a thick grainy consistency that goes a long way, you only need a tiny bit and it covers your whole face, the scent can come off quite strong so I'm guessing that wouldn't be for everybody. The mask dries quite fast within 3 minutes and it makes your pores stand out which is a good thing as it shows its working,  you can start to feel the tight effect on your face also. I like to leave it on for a good 10minutes, then you have to really scrub it off so with sensitive skin it may not be the one, but if your not going anywhere all day thats fine as you can let the redness go down lol.

This is quite similar to Glamglow in a way, (white tube) but a much cheaper version as glamglow is pretty expensive but I do love that stuff, they both work the same way such as t-zone, pores, blackheads and spots.

Overall I love this, it makes my skin feel so refreshed mattified and smooth, it helps get rid of the disgusting stuff in my pores/blackheads, and when I do get the odd spot I love that it reduces the redness down bit, so this would be great for people who have acne or you just want to get rid of a few spots.

It retails for £13.00

Monday, 2 February 2015

January Favourites 2015

Well thats January done and dusted, I thought this month went quite slow compared to others, now were in February I feel like this month is going to zoom by. I don't normally do monthly favourites every month as I can never find products that have amazed me and makes me want to share with you guys, but this month theres been a few things, Its only 4 products but I thought id show you what I've been loving.

Chanel Paris COCO Mademoiselle - I'm sure everyone knows this perfume, I received this for Christmas from my boyfriend, I love Chanel perfumes I have some of there Chanel 'Chance' which I love, most of my friends have this perfume and I just had to get it. I love this and I've been wearing it quite a lot. Its such a pretty bottle and its quite big so its going to last me a long time, the smells lasts ages on me, as some don't even last 2 hours.

Oriflame Seeing Is Believing Eye Cream - I received this in my LoveMebeauty box 2 months ago when I was subscribed to them, before I received this I wasn't really using eye creams, probably because I couldn't be bothered and I never actually owned one. It really moisturises under my eyes and helps my concealer glide on and never creases, its not thick and a little goes a long way, its nice and creamy, I don't know what I would do without eye cream any more.

Lollipops Close Your Eyes.. Go Dancing Eye Pencil - I also received this in my LoveMeBeauty box a couple of months ago, I love the pink and gold design, I find this pencil much easier to apply than using a pen/liquid, I never used to apply eyeliner on my upper eyelid but now it makes such a difference I've been doing it none stop. 

Neal & Wolf Smoothing Blow - Dry Balm - I love this hair product at the moment, Ive seen this brand a few times on some blogs and Ive always been tempted to buy one. The only downfall is that it doesn't have heat protect in it but that doesn't matter as you can just use another one, you apply this on towel dryed hair and you only need the smallest amount orwise if you apply too much and don't blend it into your hair well, it feels like its still in you hair once is dryed which isn't nice. It makes your hair feel so soft and light weight, this has taking over one of my aussie products.

Let me know what you've been loving this month?