Friday, 27 November 2015

BornPretty Makeup

Im finally back to blogging, work has taken over my life and I haven't had a chance to get any post up, I've missed it a lot. Born Pretty Makeup got in touch with me and I was allowed to pick up to 3-4 items up to $16. Ive worked with them before and they were so lovely.

As the company is quite far away it took about 2 weeks to reach me which I expected.  There was so much makeup to choose from I found it hard to keep under $16. I went for things that I may need or would love to try as trying new makeup from different places excites me. First thing that caught my eye was this Black Head Pore Strip, I've just ran out of some pore strips so I wanted to pick these up, Im sure this will help my T-zone quite well. Next thing is this Beauty Blender which looks exactly like the Real Techniques Complexion sponge, Its about time I chucked it out as I've had it for ages, although this new Beauty Blender doesn't feel spongy it feels like a stress ball which sounds hard to believe. The last item I picked up was this gorgeous Yasmin Active Essence Lip balm in the shade 2, the packaging is so pretty and girly, when I first looked at the colour I thought it's going to look too bright but its actually quite sheer and only a tad pigmented so it gives my lips bit of colour, its very moisturising.

I can't wait to start using them properly. Ive linked all three items below.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bioderma Sensibio H20

Bioderma is such a hyped product, Ive seen it everywhere and I've always been thinking whats so special about it? I wonder what the hype is? Isn't it just like any other cleansing water out there?! Ive been wanting to try it out for ages as its a ''popular'' french brand, although there skincare is always amazing. Its finally out in the UK in Boots and Pharmacies but I think its only in a few stores so its still quite hard to find, but you can easily pick one up online as thats what I did.

This French water like gentle solution is a cleanser and makeup remover in one, its been a 'holy grail' product for most. This product is especially great for those of you who suffer with sensitive skin because its patented natural complex and a soothing cucumber extract to ensure skin's natural pH is maintained. It is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic which means you are unlikely to be allergic to it. There are also a few other clear liquids which are for specific skin types which is amazing as most brands make them come in all one skin type.

Do I really think this is worth the hype? Yes and no! it does a great job with removing makeup and it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed even if I still need to cleanse, But with it costing around £10 I think you could easily pick up a £3.99 Micellar water and it will do the exact same job.

Overall I do like this product but I'm still going to use my Garner Micellar water. Have you used this product before? What do you think?

Monday, 2 November 2015


Im quite skeptical when it comes to teeth whitening, I've tried loads of different types from boots and none of them actually have worked, I then thought the only way I'm going to receive amazing white teeth or even just a bit of colour is to splash out on £100's. When Blanx emailed me I obviously couldn't say no to a Teeth Whitening Company cause you never know it could be amazing, they also sent me double of each product so I could hold a giveaway for you lovely lot.

Ive been using Blanx Teeth Whitening every day/night since I received the parcel which was roughly 3/4 weeks ago but I didn't use the toothpaste straight away, Ive roughly been using them for 2 weeks and I have seen some difference although it doesn't happen straight away as there are no harsh abrasives or peroxide which harm tooth enamel. One thing I must quickly point out is that Blanx didn't give me any Ulcers ''WOOP'' If I don't use the right toothpaste I suffer a lot and its safe to say Ive been so happy that I can use a teeth whitening product and not suffer. 

Ive been experimenting with all 4 to try and work out which toothpaste would work best for me. I used blanx classic whitening toothpaste in the day and the Blanx Intensive stain removal in the evening which I thought work better seeing as Ive been eating and drinking all day, especially when drinking tea. Im definitely impressed from when i started using them on day  and I can't wait to carry on using them to see even further results. I also didn't find the taste that bad, its just a minty taste. What I received and what YOU could win is a Blanx Extra White Intensive Whitening Treatment which includes a colour chart, Blanx Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, Blanx Intensive Stain Removal Toothpaste and Blanx Classic Whitening Toothpaste. Blanx Youtube channel is :

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