Monday, 14 September 2015

Kiss Cosmetics // Colour Switch NEW Lipstick

Kiss cosmetics is a very new brand to me, I've seen them a few times around twitter and on a few blogs. Ive been keen to try some of their lipsticks as I'm a big lipstick fan. Kiss cosmetics launched in 2014 and they are so affordable which is great.They sell all different kinds of lipsticks for only £7.00. One thing I have to mention is that the brand is 100% cruelty free and all the ingredients are listed on the product, so if you suffer from any allergies youll be able to check on the packaging. I was lucky enough to receive there brand new 'Colour switch Lipstick' that has just been launched. 

This white lipstick is amazing Ive seen nothing like it before, it changes the way your original lipstick will look. You simply apply the lipstick onto your lips like any other lipstick it may be easier to apply with a brush as it can get messy, you then apply your favourite lipstick or a colour your not really brave enough to wear and apply it on top. I was given one of their lipsticks which is a gorgeous bright red/pink tone, the texture and pigmentation is amazing, I wasn't expecting it to be so creamy I'm very impressed, It made the colour tone down to a gorgeous barbie pink shade. If you have a dark colour in your collection but you find it too overpowering and you just haven't got the guts to wear it, this colour switch will simply tone down the shade and will make it a much more lighter shade for you to be able to wear.

I can see my self using this quite bit as I have a few shades in my collection which i find too bright so this will be prefect for me. Its brilliant that you can turn any lipstick into more shades. Colour Switch retails at £9.00 and is available on their website HERE.

Have you tried Kiss Cosmetics before?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

New Beauty Buys // Feel Unique & CT

As it was pay day I definitely wanted to have a little spend and start branching out on high end makeup and skincare. Ive have been dying to get my hands on some Charlotte Tilbury makeup too but as its expensive I kept putting it off but as I got a good wage this month I thought now was the time.

I had no idea what to pick on the charlotte Tilbury's website, I thought do I really need anymore bronzers? I've literally bought five within the past month although I will pick up the filmstar bronzer soon. Then I had no idea what lipstick to get as the swatches were pretty bad on the website, I was looking up swatches on google and just had no idea so I went with something completely different to what I normally would go for which was the ''Super Model Body''. Im so exited to use this, it will be great for when I'm on holiday or for nights out too, it will give that perfect bronzed shimmer glow on the skin. 

I then saw Feel Unique had a massive sale with pretty much all the products they have on there, so I scrolled down the sale section and had a look so see if there was anything I would like, there was so much more I could of bought but I managed to control myself haha. First thing is the ''Liz Earle Instant Boost skin Tonic'' I used this last night and its amazing, Its smells like heaven in a bottle with lovely Lavender, Cucumber and Rose scented fragrance, it was so refreshing on the skin. Im not really the type of person to go and buy every item a Youtuber has bought out but seeing as I love baths I thought id try ''Zoella's Bath Fizzer'' and as I hadn't gone to lush I thought id give it ago, its smells pretty nice, it reminds me of some sort of air freshener but in a good way. The last two items are products I've wanted for a long time, I love pore minimisers, Im not sure if they work but I like to think it does, I've heard good things about ''Diors Pore Minimiser'' so I wanted to give it a try. Last but not least is the ''Elemis Flash Balm'' Ive never tried anything from Elemis so Im super excited to give it a try.

I also forgot to add Fleur De Force Lashes which I bought from Feel Unique also, I give her credit, she's done pretty well on making the packaging look so cute and pretty, Its on my Instagram if you want to take a look. I love Fake lashes and as she joined up with Eylure I just had to get them, they also are the best make ever.

Sorry for my Rambling, I got bit carried away and I hope I haven't bored you.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Benefit // Rockateur Blush

I'm not really a blush kinda girl but lately Ive been quite obsessed and wanting to go blush crazy and buy every single pretty one. Ive been eyeing this Benefit blusher for so long but I then thought do I really want to spend £23.50 on a blush? The answer was no but I did anyway and I don't regret it. Theres just something about this blusher that I love and that's weird for me to say as I wasn't a fan of them.

I really like the snake print and lace packaging its something different from their usual style, I think its one of there coolest designs, I love what they have done inside with the word 'Rock.' The blush is made up of two rose gold shimmer sections with a more matte segment in the middle, I just swirl my Zoeva cheek brush and apply although the pigmentation isn't great I end up using loads than I should to see a bit of colour on my cheeks, but its such a pretty colour. Benefit describe there blush as a ''rockin rose gold'' and I definitely agree. This is a dusky cool toned rose gold that gives you a sun kissed look, In my opinion this blush is best suited for light to medium skin tones. In the pan it does look quite shimmery but once its on the skin it looks very subtle and gives you the perfect glow. This blush is heavenly scent which I personally like but I know this puts some people off.

All in all I love this blusher and Ive been using it everyday, I'm not a fan of bright pink colours so I new this blusher would be perfect I mean who doesn't love a rose gold blush? The only down side is the price but if you love high-end make and you love to splash out now and then like me then you need this in your life. This is perfect for an everyday use. Its certainly worth the money.

Have you used this blush? What do you think?