Friday, 23 May 2014

Love Me Beauty Box / May Edition

Its that exciting time of the month again when you get to pick which box you would like to receive from Love Me Beauty, I picked Menu 2. This is my second time receiving their box and I'm so glad I picked them as I've received some exciting things that I've never heard of and things I have heard of but have never tried and been wanting to try for agessss, anyways here's a little bit more about the products below.
Go Stationary Pocket NoteBook
So here's three little cute note pads, Im not really a stationary person, but as I've now got these little cute notepads I think ill start jotting notes down for blog ideas, its perfect for putting in your handbag as they are nice and small. Loving the designs on them too.
Nail Girls Nail Polish / Nude Pink
Ive never heard of this brand before Nail Girls, Im kind of getting annoyed that they always put a nail polish in these subscription boxes. Im not really a pink person as i love all the bright colours on my nails but I will definitely be putting it on my toe nails in the summer though. 
Raw SkinCare Lip Balm / Ginger
I was so excited to try this product this month, straight away when I got the box I put it straight on my lips and its lovely and moisturising, definitely another handbag essential. 
TeaPigs - 3 packs
This was a very interesting thing to try, I'm not really a fan of these different flavoured teas, I got the caramel tea and I must say I tried it and i didn't like it at all, in future I will be sticking to my normal PG tea lol.
Suti Trial Pack
Ive also never heard of this brand, I love putting new skincare products on my face and seeing what the outcome is, It contains 3 product - a cleanse Balm, Purity Balm and a Foot Balm, I love putting balms on my face so VERY excited to try these out.

Yet again a lovely box from Love Me Beauty, you can't go wrong paying £10 a month and picking your own box and receiving some great products. What do yo think of this months box?

Monday, 19 May 2014

Redken , Kerastase, Decleor & Daniel Sandler Review

The lovely Eve Douglas was on twitter asking for Beauty Bloggers to review some products from a few different sites such as Look Fantasitc, HQhair & Beauty expert, I messaged her saying i was interested so she then emailed me and we then went from there, she was such a lovely person. She gave me 3 options 1 - if i wanted to review some products for my blog, 2 - If i fancied writing a guest post for the Look Fantastic blog, or 3 - Running a competition on my blog. I picked to review some products on my blog as i love giving my opinion to everyone and i thought you guys may be interested in the products i received and hope you interested in them :) I was so happy with every single product and it only took about 3 days from when she posted, so I was super happy with the quick delivery.
Kerastase Spray-A-Porter
Ive never had a hair product from Kerastase, so a new hair tool is exciting and I love trying new products on my hair, So this is a texturising mineral salt to create the perfect beachy waves, it provides flexible hold, its very light weight which i love, and even better it doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky, you can apply it to damp or dry hair, which ever will suit you best.
Redken Primer
Another exciting product from Redken, this is a Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer, (so basically a heat protection for when you blow dry your hair) it protects your hair from up to 450 f heat, this spray also works to repair the hair from the inside out, injection it with some long lasting volume and making it up to 3 times stronger, its apparently meant to reduce your blow drying time which i never think actually works, BUT i actually think it did, my hair did dry pretty quickly and I'm not just saying that lol, its also an anti breakage formula too. My hair felt sooo soft afterwards, and also I need to mention the smell, it smells of toffee which was bait weird but oh well, I definetly love the product.

Decleor Aroma Night Balm
When i saw the Decleor product I screamed, I've heard such great things about their skin care and when she sent me this I was over the moon. So this is instead of applying your moisturiser at night, you have to scrape your nail to get the product out, which I didn't do at first i just swirled my finger around thinking i would pick the product up easily which you don't lol, so once you've scrapped a pee size out you warm it up in your hands and just apply it all over your face, you do look like a grease ball at first but give it a couple of minutes and it has sinked in, its smells of Aroma as it is called that lool, it feels like nothing is on your face, I then just wash it off in the morning while in the shower, and my skin feels lovely and soft and fresh, really recommend this.
Daniel Sandler Long Lasting WaterProof EyeLiner
So I'm not really a massive lover for eyeliners, I only put it in my waterline as i can't put it on the top of my eye as i can't do it and it looks stupid on me, But as I give anything ago I tried to put it in my waterline it didn't work, so I gave it ago putting a little bit at the edge of my upper eyelid on the outer corner and  smudged it out abit so it makes my eyelashes look fuller and i loved it, Its lasted my entire day at work which was (8hours) it hadn't budge at all, this is also in the colour grey, i normally go for black, but it didn't look too bad in grey. So any of you eyeliner lovers out there this would be amazing for you guys.

Overall I'm so happy with all 4 products, and thank you for Eve for letting me review them.

Friday, 16 May 2014

So Susan Product Review

So the lovely Dragos from So Susan Company contacted me asking if i would like to review some of their makeup products, I've never had a PR company contact me before so i was very interested. He seemed like a lovely guy and was very professional, he kept me up to date on when my products have been dispatched and the company had paid for delivery. I've never heard of this brand so trying something new was very exciting, ill give anything a go :)

The first thing I received were these two nail polishes one in a dark red which I loved as i don't have a dark red for autumn/winter & a greyish kind of colour which isn't my cup of tea so ill be giving that to my mum as she liked the look of it lol, I did put the red colour on to test out and I'm really impressed, it dried extremely quick so I actually didn't have to sit around making sure i don't smudge, and it has a lovely sheen to it as well, overall I'm soo happy and loving them.
Next item is this water based pure lumiator, now I'm not really a highlighter person so when i saw it i wasn't really keen, BUT this highlighter is soooo pretty reminds me a little bit of my Mac Soft & Gentle, its very pigmented and a little goes a long way, I applied it with my fingers and it gave me such a pretty glow, its going to be perfect for summer.
The last product is this concealer quad that comes in 4 shades, I've never had a concealer like this so when i saw it I was pretty excited to give this a go, although there is only one shade i would use which would be the top right corner as that is around my shade, maybe I could use the darkest shade for a contour? maybe ill try that out. So when I went to use this i really wasn't impressed, when I went to rub my finger on the product I had to really rub it like 10 times so there was enough product on my finger, and when I went to put it around my under eyes it was so thin and didn't cover my dark circles or didn't brighten them, it did nothing for my eye area tall, so overall will i be using this again? properly not.
So overall i was impressed with most of the products, its just one i wont be using but thats fine with me :)
You can find their link to their site HERE

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Dupe of a Yankee Candle?

I don't know about you but I'm a candle freak, I will always pick one up if I love the smell, or if they look very cute. This candle is from HomeBase weird right cause i wouldn't really get a candle from there, but i had to smell it cause i LOVE Cinnamon, and OMG it smells bloooomin amazing, it isn't overly strong smelling but when you walk into the room you can definitely smell the Cinammon mmmm,  I have lit this so many times and its lasting forever as you can see it is a pretty big candle you get around 120 hours of burning time which is a lot. 

I LOVE yankee candles and i still purchase them as i love the variety of candles you can pick and there are so many to choose from, but this one is just as good and it only came to £4.00 which is a bargain at that price for the size and how scented it is.

Are you a lover of candles?

Friday, 9 May 2014

Daisy Shorts Review - SugarHill Boutique

This is just a quick review on these gorgeous Daisy Shorts from Sugarhill Boutique,  Ive never posted something like this before so its kind of nerve racking but actually quite fun to do, so expect more posts like this :) Even though this is kind of like an outfit of the day, i didn't wear this outfit today lol as its cold outside but i wanted to show you how i will wear these shorts in the summer as i couldn't wait to show you how pretty they are, the material is very soft so they are going to be comfy to wear, its a very casual look to so I thought id wear a basic plain white top, so my shorts will stand out and just some comfy plain brown shoes. i love wearing these kind of outfits in the summer , nice and girly.

Top - NewLook
Shoes - Primark

All there clothes from SugarHill Boutique are so pretty so definitely go check their website out.

What do you think of these shorts? will you wear something like this in the summer?

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bourjois CC Cream & Eye Cream Review

Left - CC Cream  Right - CC Eye cream
I LOVE Bourjois products they never disappoint me, every time they release a new product I'm there straight away giving it a try. I know I'm abit late with this product and you have properly seen this everywhere but hey ho, I complete forgot i had it wooops. This is also my FIRST ever CC Cream.

Bourjois CC Cream 
It contains 3 colour correcting pigments, Apricot to contract the signs of fatigue, Green to disguise any trace of redness and white to conceal dark spots, it comes in 4 shades. Its very light on the skin, so perfect for days when its warm out or you want nothing too heavy, its light to medium coverage although it won't cover 100% redness or blemishes. It provides 24 hour hydration and has a SPF 15. Its very easy to apply I use my trusty Real Techniques beauty blender. which gives me such a flawless look.

Bourjois CC EyeCream 
 Its available in 2 shades. It works great for brightening the area up I look so much more awake, but doesn't really cover up my dark circles which i kind of expected as its a very light consistancy so i just use a tiny bit of this to brighten the area up then use a different concealer to cover up my nasty under eye circles, Its a novel twist pen applicator and has a silicone rub applicator I find it gets very dirty looking which i hate and i have to be careful when twisting or wise too much product comes out.

Overall i would definitely buy the CC Cream again, but the CC Eye cream was nothing special so i wont be buying it again.

What are your thoughts on the CC Cream & Eye Cream?