Sunday, 28 June 2015

What have I been loving these past 2 months?

I cannot believe June is nearly over and july is right round the corner, can this year slow down just a tad please? Although its finally getting warmer its currently raining outside, typical england, lets hope tomorrow is sunny again. I don't do many favourites but I thought as I haven't done one in a couple of months, I new I wanted to share some new things that I've been loving over the last two months.

One thing I have been totally obsessed with is the Bare Minerals Complexion rescue, I wont go into too much detail as I'm thinking of doing a blog post on this, all I will say is its light weight but you can build it up if you want more coverage, it looks amazing on the skin. Its been my new go to foundation for the summer.

This Sigma Angled Kabuki F84 is an old favourite of mine, I loved it then I hated it and now I love it again. Ive been using this to apply my foundation as I think this brush gives me such a flawless look, it blends my foundation in nicely without it looking streaky which some brushes do. To me it looked like the perfect type of brush to apply bronzer, it definitely didnt work, it made my bronzer look awful and patchy, so thats when I thought id give it ago with applying my foundation and it worked wonders.

Im a massive lipstick fan, I don't know what it is but I just keep on buying them, its amazing how you can have about 30 nudes and pinks but they will all look just a tad bit different. As I don't put eye shadow on my eyes, I use lipstick to change my look from day - day. I am loving this Soap & Glory Mother Pucker in the shade ''The Missing Pink'' I have worn this non stop as its the perfect nude/pink for an everyday look. It smells of vanilla which makes me love it even more haha.

And finally the beloved Batiste Dry Shampoo In ''Tropical'' my hair has turned quite greasy this month as its got warmer, and as I have thick long hair im not going to wash it every other day as thats too much of a hassle/effort plus bad for your hair. So this has been my saviour to bring it back to life and look fresh and healthy until I wash it again.

What have you been loving this month?

Friday, 26 June 2015

Australian Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

Tea Tree oil is the best thing ever, I love using anything with tree tree in, I find these best for those annoying spots as I find they heal them quickly.

This Australian Blemish stick comes in a 9ml spot stick with a roller ball. The roller ball design makes application so much easier to apply onto blemishes, stings and bites, the antibacterial properties of the spot stick is very hygienic as it is self cleaning, they recommend to apply it 4-5 times a day onto problem areas.

The spot stick contains a combination of essential oils, Tea Tree to cleanse and fight bacteria, Geranium for antiseptic, Vetiver for stimulating anti stress and Lavender for calming and relaxing. It also contains which hazel to cool and calm the skin. The combination of oils gives this spot treatment a very strong herbal scent, even just the tiniest bit can be very strong.

I don't get many spots but Ive recently got an annoying one that popped up just above my lip so I new I could test it out and it 100% works, the next day the redness had gone down, it didn't work magically over night but I could see a difference the next day, it really smoothes and calmed the area as it was a bit sore. This is definitely going to be an essential for holiday as its perfect for those mosquitos bites. 

It retails at £5.99 and you can find it at

Does Tee Trea work for your skin?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Base Before The Makeup

Im currently outside enjoying the sun while writing a blog post, whats more relaxing than that?
I was having a think and was struggling with what to post, then I realised I haven't done a Beauty/Makeup post in a while, god knows why cause thats what I love to write about the most. I thought Id share with you my Base routine before I apply my makeup, and these are the products I pretty much use evertime, whether its a quick rush to the shops, or a day out or even when I got out for drinks/clubbing. I never miss out any of these steps. I do think these products make my makeup last all day and looks quite fresh when I've done an 8 hour day at work. I haven't seen much of these posts about either, if so they include the foundation. Right so moving on to what I use.
The one step I can never miss out is moisturiser, which is a key thing if you ask me, its my holy grail product. This Soap & Glory 5 in 1 moisture lotion does the trick for me, its very hydrating and gives my skin such a glow and its smells nice too. I have combonation skin and a bit on the dry side (which is weird for me as I used to be very oily) I need that moisture in my skin before I apply my foundation or wise it will look awful and flakey. 
While the moisturiser is settling into my skin, Ill then just pop a tiny bit of eye cream under my eyes. I never used to use an eye cream EVER, but when I received this in my LoveMeBeautyBox last year, I have been using this ever since and I'm so glad I do now. Eye Cream is an important step, firstly we don't want our concealer to crease but secondly we don't want horrible saggy bags when we are older.
The next step ill use is this Tea tree Pore Minimiser, as I said before I have combination skin, so my main problem area is my large pores, I need something to minimise them. Im not sure if these type of products actually work, but I just feel like I have to use it no matter what, orwise it feels like my routine isn't complete. As its a tea Tree product its brilliant for the odd spot too so I like to pop a bit of this onto the area also.
Last but not least are my two favourite primers in the whole wide world, a bit of an exageration? These two products make my skin last all day and I'm not even joking, I wont use these two primers together much but if I'm going on a night out and I don't want my makeup to budge then I will. Ill use the rimmel then Ill spray the primer water ontop just to give that extra staying power, ha I think it does anyway. Rimmel fix & Perfect primer is amazing for highstreet and its so affordable, I love the smell, I love how it applies onto my face and how amazing it looks on my skin, my foundation glides on so well. Next is the SmashBox Photo finish Primer Water, after I've moisturised, done my eye cream and use my pore minister ill just spray this all over my face, I was bit sceptical at first but I love it.

I hope you enjoyed this post as its something bit different. I really enjoyed writing it. Let me know what products you use before applying your makeup etc.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Dr Paw Paw Original Balm review

Dr Paw Paw is a British company, Ive not really seen a product like this before so I was really interested in seeing results and giving it ago. Its a multi use balm which contain the holy grail ingredient olive oil and aloe Vera oil, which combine to make a smooth, long lasting balm which can be used in many different ways and has its benefits for. This is the original balm, and there are two other balms, the red tube which is a tinted red balm which you can use on your cheeks for a lovely pop of colour, and then there is the orange tube which is a gorgeous peach pink balm which can also be used on the cheeks, the colour looks so pretty.

Paw Paw come from the nutrient rich papaya fruit which is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and helps to repair, moisture, nourish, and soothe dry skin. There are plenty of ways you can use this balm such as a lip balm, Brown smoother/shaper, skin soother, moisturiser for the skin, eye primer, makeup finisher/primer, nappy rash soother, helps with bites and stings and helps with dry cracked heels.

Since receiving this product I've been using it in all different ways, but I've mainly been using this for dry areas on my skin before I apply fake tan, such as my knees and elbows, the patchy look isn't a good look so this does the job. I also like to pop it on my lips every now and then before applying my lipstick, it makes my lips feel so soft, its amazing. I've been keeping this in my handbag as its so ideal to take around with you.

You can pick this up for £6.95 from there website HERE. Its also sold in Urban Outfitters, Harvey Nichols and Lloyd pharmacies. 

I love that you can use this for all sorts of problems, and it really does the job. Im really tempted to pick up the two other balms as they look too pretty to not have. Have you tried Dr Paw Paw before?

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliater // Review

I am so happy I bought this product a while back, I love Liz Earle skincare, although I've only tried their cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser which I'm in love with. I can't believe the results this has made my skin look. I've been in need of a new exfoliater for a while as my pores where clogging up, I always make sure I exfoliate once or twice a week as I always feel that my skin needs it and it makes my skin feel so much better and cleaner.

This exfoliater comes in the exact same bottle as the cleanser, the product is very thick and creamy. Once I apply and scrub my face focusing on my main areas ( T- zone) I then washed it off with warm water, I found it a little harder to rinse off than other cleansers. My skin felt so smooth and soft afterwards. This exfoliater has a botanical scent but its hard to describe, lets just say its smells of herbal, it also has cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to keep your skin nice and moisturised, which I cant thank that enough for. This creamy formular easily covers my whole face so you only need a small amount. It also has small jojoba beads in to help exfoliate the skin, so it wont damage the skin or leave it open to bacteria.

Liz Earle are definitely right with saying its not suitable for sensitive skin, the beads can be quite harsh, so bare in mind if you still want to give this a go your face might turn a little red lol, I don't have sensitive skin so I don't really know what its like.

I 100% recommend this product its so worth it, its much better than other exfoliaters I have tried that make my skin feeling so dry and tight afterwards. I hate that feeling. It retails at £15.75 at boots :)

Whats your favourite Liz Earle product?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Pretty // Glitter Nail polish Review

How pretty are these glitter nail polishes? I was given these by a brand called The pretty, they sell everything to do with nail care/polishes, lip balms, foot care, hair essentials, any thing to do with beauty you name it.

As I'm a Beauty therapist I hardly paint my nails anymore as I'm always using Shellac/Gel. At home I have a stack in my room just full of different nail polishes that I need to use up, although I'm always painting my toe nails so the colours will get used up eventually, especially in the summer. Im also a fan of glitter nail polishes, I have a few from Barry M so I new this would be a test to see which brand would be better. As soon as I saw these colours I new I would love them. The first one is called ''Glitter Bomb'' which is this pretty multi coloured colour, the main colours are blue red and gold, with these colours to me it shouts out christmas as its a very festive colour. The next polish is called ''Jewel Invasion'' this is my favourite one out of the two, I love these sorts of silver glitters which you can pop over any colour or to just wear on its own, it also has a bit of blue green red and pink to it but they aren't noticeable which I like.

As I was going away for 4 days I thought id try the silver glitter polish out, I couldn't believe how long it stayed on my nails for, it didn't chip. I prefer these to the barry M ones as these stayed on a lot longer.

What do you think of glitter nail polishes? Are you a fan? If you would like to have a look at there website its linked HERE.