Friday, 24 October 2014

LoveMeBeauty / October Edition

The second edition for the newly revamped LoveMeBeauty, Its a new service where you receive 6 Credits and then you can pick any products you like or would like to try, some products are 1 credit and some products are 2 credits, so the full size/expensive are 2 credits, and the travel sized products are more likely 1 credit. This was an exciting month for me as I was getting 8 credits as they mixed up my order last month, and they didn't have some of the products I picked. I placed an order and a week later, they told me they had run out of some things (stupid I know) so as an apology I got 8 woo! Lets see what I picked below...
Montagne Jeunesse Hot Spring Sauna Exfoliating & Nutritiously Rich Warming Masque
I suppose you've all seen these masks in boots/superdrug, there so cheap Im sure they are only £1 but I could be wrong, I only had 1 credit left so I saw this and thought why not get a mask, it looks pretty funky and fun to use.
Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask
Ive seen this brand in Marks & Spencer's loads of times, its quite an expensive brand id say,  this little sachet is a good tester size, looking forward to giving my skin a good scrub with this.
Welda Massage Oil
I didn't pick this at all, so they must of just given it to me for free, I can safely say i wont be using this lol.
Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner
I'm most excited about this one so I had to use my 2 credits for this, Ive seen this brand everywhere in the LoveMeBeauty Boxes, I loveeee the packaging, it's so cute and vintage, this will be good for when my hair needs abit of moisture and shine back into it
Oriflame SkincDream BB Cream 5 in 1 Beauty Balm
I love wearing BB creams, so I new I should definitely give this a try, It promises to cover imperfections, all day hydration, give an instant glow, oil - free and has SPF 30.

Marlin & Goetz Cleanser and Shampoo
To be honest I don't really know why I picked these two up, I don't need any more cleaners and shampoos, but I thought they would be handy for travelling in, although I'm quite keen on the Peppermint shampoo as its set for coloured hair (which I have)

I'm super happy with this months box, and ill definitely get some use out of every single one (apart from the massage oil haha)  I really recommend signing up, its only £10 a month plus P&P. They have everything in their boutique, a selection from makeup, haircare and skincare.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Mac Tag

I haven't seen this Tag around much, I was browsing around and saw it, and as I love Mac I thought it was suitable for me to do, I hope you enjoy and feel free to tag yourself :).
How long have you been using Mac?
hmmm I started using Mac makeup around 4 years ago so hasn't been very long, now I'm obsessed with their makeup.

What was your first Mac Product?
This one is soooo easy, Hue lipstick, i bet I'm not the only person who's first lipstick that was haha.

What is your Favourite Mac product?
well this is a tough one, I can't just pick one haha, but if I had to it would be MSF's, its just the best powder ever.

Whats your least favourite Mac Product?
2 years ago I brought the 'prep & prime' primer and it didn't really do anything to me whats to ever, i wanted to give it away or chuck but as it was expensive I just used it till the end.

Do you own a pro card?
Woahhh! I didn't even know they did this?!!! 

Your Mac foundation shade?
Well I was stupid enough and bought a foundation online (studio Fix) a while ago, thinking I would be the shade (nc20) I can say it didn't match me and it was soooo yellow haha, although i loved the coverage it gave, so I have no idea what shade I am, I think I may be an nw20 instead even though I'm yellow toned.

Your Favourite Mac Foundation:
No idea, as I've only brought one and it didn't match me so I haven't bought other one since.

I can't use eyeshadow as it makes my eyelids so dry and itchy :(

Chatterbox, I love it so much.

I don't own any liners from mac, I get mine from boots.

The 116 and 134 which shreds abit but I love it for bronzer/powder/and blending.

Nail Lacquer
Ive never used any of their polishes, I've heard mixed reviews on them though.

Pro Products
I only own Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer, is that what it means lol?

Comment on the following Mac product, have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep and Prime Skin
As I said before I didn't see a difference.

Studio Sculpt Foundation
I want to get my hands on this.

Face and Body Foundation
I also need to get this, I've heard good reviews and it looks so pretty on the skin.

Mineralize satin Finish
Never tried it.

Studio Fix Fluid
As I said before i brought it and the shade didn't match me but loved the coverage.

Studio Fix Powder
Love this the coverage is amazing.

Beauty Powder
Never tried it and i don't think i will

Mineralize skin finish Natural
The good old famous MSF i also love this, I'm in the shade medium, I'm going to forever keep using every time i finish it.

Mineralize skin finish
Again another great product, I currently have the classic 'soft and Gentle' I've has this for agessss, and still know where near the end, Its so worth the money.

Bronzing Powder
I definitely need to get one of there bronzers, you can never have enough bronzers.

Powder Blush
I'm not a blush person, even though saying that I want to try well dressed, I prefer the bronzed look though.

Blush Creme
Never tried them

Mineralize Blush
Never tried them

Cream Colour Base
I have the shade Luna and Hush, I use them now and then, the shades are gorgeous.

Studio Sculpt Concealer
Never tried it

Select Cover up concealer 
Never tried it

Studio Finish Concealer
Never tried it but I do have the pro long wear concealer which i love.

Tinted lip conditioner
Never tried them ill just stick to my Maybelline baby lips.

LOVE LOVE LOVE them I think there the best products out of the whole collection lol. 

Not a lipgloss person.

False Lashes
Ive only tried one pair and they were really natural looking.

What has been your favourite Mac Collection to date?
hmm if I'm honest i don't think I've brought any from a collection before, they are always sold out too quickly to get a chance lol.

Which of the Mac Collections have you found disappointing?
I wouldn't know as from my previous answer

What products do you think Mac are missing.
I can't think of anything, they have a massive amount of products.

I hope you enjoyed this tag, I couldn't believe how long it was lol, I did miss out a couple of questions that where to do with eyeshadows as I can't use them, If any of you would like to do this then go ahead and leave it in the comments so i can check it out :)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Top 4 Face Powders

Ive never done a Top 4 on my blog before, so its nice to change things around abit and do something different, plus I love seeing everyones favourite top items, As I then want to go and buy them haha. Lets see whats in my top 4..

Mac Mineralise skin finish in Medium- This powder is very popular, I've been using this since forever, and it looks like I've hardly touched it, they come in loads of different shades so you'll find one to match your skin tone. Its gives great coverage and definitely helps to get rid of my horrible shine on the face.

Mac Studio Fix Powder NC15 - This is another popular powder from Mac, I mainly use this if I want more coverage at night, its gives me such a flawless effect, I don't use this everyday, sometimes if I don't want to wear foundation ill wear this on its own with a bit of concealer to give me a natural look, it covers my spots or any redness I have.

Nars Powder in Medium 3 Barcelona - Ive wanted a Nars product since forever and I finally brought this on an app called DEPOP where everyone sells clothes and makeup, some items can be fake so you have to be careful, this lady was selling this for much less than the originally price, I'm soooo happy I brought this, the coverage is literally amazing, its much darker than my skin tone, but for nights out and when Im tanned and when I go on holiday its perfect, my face has never looked so flawless, I loved wearing this on its own when I was on holiday as you could see my true tan and wasn't covered in foundation, it did feel abit drying so I made sure I moisturised and sprayed a setting spray all over my face so my skin feels hydrated, 100% recommend this.

Bourjois Java Rice Powder - I'm not really a fan of loose powders, so I was a bit sceptical when buying this, Ive done a full review HERE if you'd like to check it out, but a quick overall, Ive been loving this for a day to day look, its not too shimmery and doesn't look cakey which a no no for powders, oh and it smells lovelyyyyy too, which it quite odd for powders. Its a messy powder so you've got to be careful when you open the lid as I experienced that and it went everywhere.

So there are my top 4 powders, All these powders seem to be lasting me forever which is a good thing, and the best thing about them all is, none of them make my skin look cakey or it looks like I've slopped aload of powder on my face lol which isn't a good look.

Let me know your favourite face powders?!

Friday, 10 October 2014

TWO New Rimmel Products

Ive actually just realised I don't own any Rimmel products, shocking I know? Apart from I have tried the stay matte powder in transparent. I was in the chemist getting some lady bits and there happened to be only 1 makeup stand which was... Rimmel. Ive been keen to try the Kate Moss Lipsticks specially the dark red in the shade 01 which is what I bought, its such a pretty shade, but all I keep thinking is, will it look nice on me? can I pull it off? will I have the guts to wear it out the house? I'm not much of a bold lip person, I've already swatched it and its very pigmented. I think ill be quite messy when I'm applying it haha.

I think this is one of there new foundations? 25hour lasting finish foundation, On the bottle it says full coverage and a 25hour wear, hmmm ok who wears there makeup for that long anyway, as long as it lasts for 8hours while I work, its all good, I'm sold with anything that says full coverage and long lasting, I'm really hoping the colour match, matches me, as I was in a rush to get back to work, but I think the 100 ivory would of been too light. I didn't really need this but why not treat yourself once in a while ;) 

Have you tried any of these 2 products, would love to know your thoughts!

Monday, 6 October 2014

High-End Beauty WishList

High End Wish List

I decided to write a wishlist on high end products because I don't own that many expensive products, I mainly just buy high street as I can afford that, I only own a few Mac products, If I had the money I would definitely be treating myself every once in a while. I'm sure one day these will sneak into my shopping basket ;)

Estee Lauder double Wear Foundation  £29.50
I'm sure this foundation isn't new to anyone,  I'm very keen on giving this a try, as the reviews are all positive, Estee Lauder do quite a few selection of shades, is this foundation really worth the money?

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair £43.00
Another Estee Lauder product,  I can't wait to get my hands on, this, I don't own any skincare products that are high end, this bottle always catches my eye every time I go into boots, it will feel great to own a luxury skincare item.

YSL Lipstick £25.00
I'm a massive lipstick fan, the only high end lipsticks I own are Mac, so I think I need to own more high end lipsticks in my eyes, I love the gold packaging its so pretty,  there are so many shades, but something keeps stopping me from spending that much money on a lipstick.

 Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universal Bronzing Base £32.00
Ive been wanting this bronzer since forever, I'm another bronzer junkie and could own loads, when they brought out the Bourjois bronzing primer, (they say its a dupe for this) and i loved it. This made me definitely want to try this even more. One more bronzer to add to my collection wont hurt?

Charlotte Tilbury FilmStar Bronze & Glow £49.00
Where do I begin? this is absolutely stunning, I need this in my life right now, I've seen a few people review and wear this on youtube and it looks so pretty, I'm hoping this is a Christmas present for sure.

Hourglass ambient Lighting Powder £56.00
 This highlighting powder looks gorgeous, I bet it will look even better on the skin, its soooo pretty, the variety of shades make it a great option.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream £22.10 (Feel Unique)
I suffer from dry skin on my hands and lips in the winter, this would be perfect for dry/ cracked skin, my friend has this and loves it and calms her skin down. I'm hoping this would do the trick. I'm sure this would last for ages.
Whats on your High End WishList at the moment?