Friday, 25 July 2014

Love Me Beauty Box / July Edition

Im back with another Love Me Beauty Box review, this is my 4th box now and I'm so happy i signed up to them, you get some pretty awesome products you've never heard of or wouldn't even think of trying, which i think is great for when you sign up to these sort of things, Im sorry the box looks bit messy, the guy who delivered it left it outside in the pouring rain and didn't ring the door bell, so i wasn't pleased about that, but anyway I picked box 1, heres a little bit more about the products below.
Welda Sea Buckthorn replenishing body lotion 
I had no idea i was going to receive this product, so that was nice of them to put something extra in and its a full size product too which is great, Ive never tried anything from Welda before, its smell quite fruity, when i applied it, it soaked straight into the skin, it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy.  This will definitely be getting a lot of love from me.

Lashem (2ml Sample) Lashem Lash Enhancing Serum - £40 
 This serum claims to give your lashes a helping hand to make an appearance and also nourish and condition. Ive always wanted to try a lash enhance serum, but didn't know if they actually work, I have straight short lashes, so I'm quite excited to see if this makes a difference.

Ofra Pressed Eye Shadow in 'Sublime' - £8.80
This is one product I wont be using from the box as I have really sensitive eye lids so anything I put on them, makes my eyes sooooo dry its horrible :( which is a shame because the colour is so pretty, its a cranberry colour with a hint of gold shimmer, it would be a perfect evening colour.

Ofra Universal Eyebrow Eyeliner - £7.60
I'm definitely going to be using this everyday, the perfect colour for my eyebrows (dark brown) I'm super happy I got this.

So Susan Dual Brow Powder - £11.95
Brow filling is my every day to day routine, Ive always used a brow pencil, I've never used a powder as i think it can be quite messy but however I'm up for trying out new products, ill have a full review on this product in the next couple of days.

So Susan Flutter Mascara - £14.95
You can never have too many mascaras, I look forward to receiving these kind of products as I love trying different mascaras, Ive tried quite a few of So Susan products and they haven't disappointed me yet, Ill have a review up on this also in a couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Teashed Northern Brew  20 whole leaf Ceylon silky pyramid teabags - £3.50
I'm not a fan of trying all these different types of teas, this is a white tea which is naturally low in caffeine which means you can drink this in the day and at night, it also helps you to sleep and is full of antioxidants, Ive already tried it, and its not a thumbs up for me I'm afraid, its very weak and had no taste, but this would be great for anyone who likes trying different teas out there.

Bottled Sunshine Bath Salt
I also was not expecting this item this month, I have no idea why I've received two new products, but I'm loving it haha, I will definitely be using this in the winter when i have my baths again as right now its too hot, I'm hoping the Bath salt doesn't irritate my skin.

Overall I'm very happy with this months beauty box, I can't believe I got 8 items this month and 1 being a sample size product, you can't go wrong for just £10 a month plus p&p, and altogether costing over £60.

Friday, 18 July 2014

ANOTHER boots haul :)

Oh dear I headed into boots again, saying that I haven't popped into boots since before my holiday which was at the end of may so I think I've done quite well as I know how much damage it can be to our cards lol. I am in love with soap and glory makeup atm, Ive seen these 3 Soap and Glory products being raved about quite a bit, especially the kick ass concealer and one heck of a blot, I did need a new powder but I didn't need the kick ass concealer in light which properly wont match me at the moment, but it was calling my name and I just had to pick it up same goes to there mother pucker gloss stick in 'nudeist', I love trying all different lip products, and you can't go wrong with a lovely nude lip. I did need a new concealer as I've got a bit of a tan now so I needed to go up a shade so I went for the Maybelline fit me concealer in 10, I'm hoping to wear this on its own with no foundation when it nice and hot outside. I'm always looking for new conditioners especially in this heat when my hair goes all crazy and frizzy, so I saw this Garnier Ultimate Conditioner The sleek restorer with coconut oil and cocoa butter for dry frizzy hair, I thought this would be perfect, I've smelt it and its smells amazing.

I know everyone loves a boots haul, so I thought id share with you what I got, I will probably do some reviews of the products once I've started using them, so definitely look out for that <3

Monday, 14 July 2014

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Review

This is my first ever Caudalie product, I've heard a lot about this brand and product so was super excited when i got my hands on this. 

So what is it? Its a beauty mist inspired by the elixir of youth, used by queen Isabella of hungary, this mist smoothes features, tightens pores, and provides an instant burst of radiance to the complexion.

This comes in a glass bottle with a fine mist spray, It contains grape, orange blossom, rose organic balm mint and rosemary. It can be used as part of you skincare routine so once you've cleansed you can then use this as a toner, or to set your make up, or just to use in the day to give your skin a little pick up. Ive been using this for all them things its very refreshing. The scent of this is very strong which I didn't expect, its very minty, now some people may like the scent but for me its a little overpowering. The main thing is, has it done anything to my skin, the answer is no it hasn't i can't notice any benefits from this product, I've been using it for quite  a bit and my skin just looks the same like always, The only thing I like about it is that it makes my skin look a 
bit more radiant which isn't a bad thing really, 

I wish I did fall in love with this product as Ive heard such great things, I wish it did do wonder to my skin but guess some products just don't work the same as it does for others, Its just like any other spray I've used. I wont be purchasing this again.

Have you tried anything for Caudalie? 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Top 5 Makeup Brushes

I don't think Ive seen many Makeup Brush posts, I could be wrong but I've only seen a few. These brushes are also what I use on a daily basis, It was very hard to narrow it down. So lets begin..

Elf Stippling Brush 
 This brush can be used for foundation but I personally find it brilliant for cream blushes and bronzing, its the perfect size to apply on your cheekbones and its not super dense so it wont pick up too much product, its super soft too, its great that you can use a brush for more than one thing. Retails for £3.95 which you can't go wrong for.

Real Techniques Contour Brush & Buffing Brush 
This brush is from the set 'The Core Collection Kit' and I really do believe its worth buying the set just for the 2 brushes, the other 2 brushes aren't bad but I personally wont be using them,  Starting with the Buffing Brush this is great for foundation this is one of the brushes ill only use now, this buffs my foundation so well and makes it look so flawless and never makes my foundation streak. Now the Contour Brush I personally don't use this for contouring, i think this is great for blending in concealer, it fits perfectly under the eyes and blends really well and it super soft. Retails at £21.99.

Mac 134 
 This brush is great for powder, its so big, fluffy and soft, its great for when your in a rush just sweep it all over your face and your fully powdered. I find it much easier to clean than my other brushes but you wouldn't think that because its big, the only downfall is the price £40.00 which is actually ridiculous but lucky enough I got this for Christmas, but I think you could find much better brushes for half the price. 

Sedona Lace Synthetic Flat Top  
I'm also loving this brush for applying my foundation, I love how soft and easy it blends, my skin looks flawless every time I use this,  It quite hard to clean because of how dense it is but it doesn't shred. Love Love Loveeee it. It retails at $18.95 and in pounds that's roughly £11.07.

So there are my top 5 Brushes, I hope you enjoyed this post as I love seeing what every ones uses for their makeup. Definitely leave a comment telling me your favourite brushes Im always looking for more to try :)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Top 4 Beauty Mistakes

When used wisely, makeup can do wonders for our look, but when over done, it can completely ruin our complexion.  Loads of us have made some beauty blunders, so here are a few listed below.

The more make the the better?
When it comes to makeup, less is defiantly more, whether you are layering your foundation, bronzer or eyeshadow ect..  too much can make you look older and draw attention, caked foundation settles into your fine lines and over done eyes will take away your natural beauty.

Foundation Mistake 
 No make up mistake draws more negative attention than the line where your foundation ends and your real skin colour begins, while its tempting to go up a shade or two darker to achieve a sun kissed glow, the result will be cheap and fake looking. 

Skipping Moisturiser 
 If you realise it or not moisturiser is the most important step, not only will it keep your skin looking youthful and helps get rid of fine lines,  it will make your makeup blend in better with your skin. 

Bad Blush
 When people use the wrong blush or apply it in the wrong spot, it can look harsh and abit clown looking, choose colours that are soft and sheer, and apply lightly over the cheek bones. 

I thought this was such a  fun little tag to do as Ive not done something like this before. Hope you enjoyed reading some beauty mistakes :) x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bourjois Bronzing Primer Review

Bourjois Bronzing primer was released last summer if I'm correct, but I've only just started using it properly these last 2 months and i thought id give you my opinion ( I know I'm abit late with this product lol), I love Bourjois makeup and every time they are releasing something I get so excited because i know it wont disappoint me. I wanted to get it because everyone was saying how its a dupe for the 'Soleil Tan De Chanel' I thought I might as well check it out.

A brief description 
Give you skin a beautiful brazened glow. with correcting airbrush action, the bronzing primer smoothes out your skin for an even mattified makeup result. Its luxurious velvety texture blends into any skin tone for a ultra natural skin glow. Can be worn alone or under foundation to warm up your complexion, You only need a tiny bit.
It has a thick consistency creamy texture, kind of like a mousse. It has the most amazing smell fragrance, its a mixture of vanilla and chocolate, if your not a fan of strong scents don't worry it doesn't linger around for long. 
Here's two pictures of one not blended (above) and one blended (below).

I like to apply this under my foundation as a base, so where the sun would naturally hit, cheek bones, jaw, nose, temples. I may apply some more over the top if i feel like i want some more colour. I apply it with either three brushes, Real Techniques contour brush, or a flat top kabuki brush or an angled kabuki brush, I find that these blend the product really easy and blends in with the foundation. I dip the brush into the product then ill just dab it onto the inside of the lid just to remove the excess as you don't want too much product. The bronzer does look orange but once blended it doesn't look like that at all, it just warms your complexion and gives you a bit of warmth to the skin.

Overall I love how natural it is on my skin, It retails at just £9.99 and its a big thumbs up for me.