Monday, 12 October 2015

Hair Care Saviours // Nanokeratin Hair Treatments

've never heard of the brand called Nanokeratin before until now, they are a haircare brand that sell Shampoo's, Conditioners and masks. I was very happy when they contacted me to try a few samples. I love trying out new brands as I've been looking for something to bring my hair back to life as I dye my hair pretty much every month, I tend to get bored using the same products and its nice for your hair to use different brands now and then.

The lady who contacted me via email asked me what kind of hair type I have to ensure I was given the right products for my hair. I have dry coloured hair so I received a leave in Conditioner and a Colour Preserving Mask. Both of these treatments are meant to give moisture back into my hair, protect my hair, restore optimum moisture levels, cleanse my hair and the most important one is that it doesn't strip any of the colour out.

I really enjoy using leave in conditioners, my hair needs it ever so often. Ive only used Aussie and I love it. With this product you simply apply to towel dried hair and work the product into the ends, blow dry and style as usual. My hair felt amazing and silky. I tend to not use Masks for my hair which I really should, I enjoyed using it and I noticed such a difference, I prefer it to the leave in conditioner. You apply it from you roots to tips and its designed to nourish and revive hair from within. I would leave it on for 15-20mintues, Instantly my hair felt so soft and lightweight as some can make my hair feel quite heavy, it really helped my knotty hair so I didn't have to struggle with my tangle teaser.

Overall I've loved using these samples and I've noticed such a big difference, Im definitely going to buy the bigger bottles. You can buy these two products on the Toni & Guy website HERE. They are so worth the money.

Whats your favourite Masks & leave in Conditioners?


  1. I've never tried a leave in conditioner, but I definitely want to after reading this! My hair gets so knotty, especially when I curl it. Fab review xx

    Abi | abistreetx

  2. My hair is always in need of conditioner because it's bleached I'd love to try some products from nano keratin. Great review!