Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Skin Care Saver // Sudo Cream Skin Care Cream

Sudo Cream hasn't been part of my skincare routine for that long. I have a friend who swears by it for breakouts, dry patches etc. I always thought this product was for babies not for adults to put on their face. I was luckily enough to get given a small tube of this skin care cream to test out. On the packaging it doesn't say anything about using it on ''babies'' so that makes me feel a bit better about putting it onto my face, it just says use on irritated /sore skin and form a barrier which protects against irritants, allowing the skin to maintain its natural, healthy and supple condition.

Ive been using this cream most days, I tend to get quite dry around the corners of my mouth and around the nose area, I also like to apply this on those dry areas an hour before I apply my makeup, I found this made my foundation not cling to any dry patches. One thing I have to point out is how amazing this is for spots, I don't normally break out but when its that ''time of the month'' that's when i tend to get 1 or 2, I simply cover the spot just before I go to sleep and ill wake up and its reduced the redness and healed much quicker than I thought, mine tend to only be a small breakout. Celebrity's apply this all over the face before bed as an over night mask to give a healthy glow. I tried it once and I must say it made my skin look so much more healthier, lets says I didn't need to apply much highlighter.

You can use this product in any way you like,  I can definitely say this as helped my skin out so much. It only retails at £1.99 and you can pick it up for Boots or any pharmacies.


  1. I have been using this for years and I love it! It helps with breakouts so much! I always wear it to bed all over my face and the next morning my skin is clear!
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  2. I do love Sudocrem its helped me through many breakouts - I must get one of these smaller tubes though!

    Lucy |

    1. its amazing for breakouts not many people know that :) x

  3. I love sudocrem! Definitely underrated :)

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  4. I've been using this for years and it's nice to see someone review it :)

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