Friday, 5 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

How cute is that little kitten :D As christmas is 3 weeks away, I also don't get how christmas has come this quick I feel like I've just had last years christmas and I've blinked and come straight to this years christmas haha, I picked the best questions from all over the place, so feel free to go ahead and do this tag yourself, I tag all of you!

1.When do you start getting excited about christmas?
Im pretty excited now if I'm honest EEEK, but when its the week before christmas Ill be extremely excited, I love the build up before christmas, it doesn't even seem real that its only 3 weeks away, HOLY MOLY!

2.Do you still have an Advent Calendar?
OH YES, who doesn't? Im 24 and I still have one every year, your never too old for one, Ive got the classic dairy milk.

3.What is your Favourite christmas films?
Oh gosh I love christmas films, theres too many out there, but the ones I absolutely love and will never get old of is 'The Grinch, Home Alone ( Merry christmas ya filthy animal), oh and I can't forget Elf :D they put me in the christmas mood.

4.Favourite festive Food?
Obviously you can beat a christmas dinner with turkey, ham, pigs in blankets gravy, roast potatoes ect.... BUT I do love having a turkey sandwich with fluffy bread mmmmmm. Lets just say I love all the food :D

5.Talk us through your typical christmas day
Ill wake up and then unwrap my stocking it used to be a big stocking but now I'm older its only a few little things, we will then have breakfast, shower and get ready before everyone comes over for around 1pm, whilst dinners cooking we just sit down and chat and have a few drinks, we then have dinner around 3ish and we normally sit at the table for ages as you then have pudding ect, when everyones full we make our way into the front room to watch abit of telly as we are so stuffed, then when it gets around 8ish we start to play games as we are all abit merry then, so it makes the games more interesting haha :p we will literally play games till we have had enough, we just drink and eat till we explode, oh cannot forget the after eights!!!

6.What do you eat for christmas dinner
We have turkey and Gammon, then every single vegetable lol, roast potatoes, gravy, pigs in Blankets which are my favourite, parsnips. I can't think of anything else...

7.Do you have any christmas traditions
Nope none at all.

8.What are your favourite christmas songs
The Pogues - FairyTale of NewYork
Slade - merry Christmas Everyone
Mariah Caey - All I want for christmas is you
Wizzard - I wish it could be christmas everyday
The list goes on...

9.What is the best christmas present you ever received 
I remember when I was younger I got my first barbie bike haha, I absolutely loved it.

10.Real or fake christmas tree
We used to always get a real christmas tree but the last 2 years my parents went and bought a fake one, But I would get a real christmas tree, the smell of the tree when you walk into your house everyday is heavenly, but the pain of it is when it starts to drop and you have to hoover up all the time haha.


  1. ahhh I miss being young and having a real christmas tree in the house :( we just have the same fake one every year now. and yes you can never be too old for an advent calendar! xox