Friday, 26 September 2014

Primark Ankle Boots

One of my favourite fashion pieces when it comes to autumn/winter, are ankle boots, I love them. Ever since buying my other black chunky boots (Review Here) Ive been on the look out for some more, but just not as chunky. I'm definitely a fan of Primark boots, they are cheap, in good condition and last fore a decent amount of time, Now its turning colder, I can see myself wearing these quite a lot, I love that I can pop them on with anything, leggings, over sized t-shirts, dresses, skirts with tights. These are very comfy, I like that the heel isn't too big, so there easy and comfortable to walk in. I find these more comfortable than some of my flats i own from Primark lol. They are just plain boots which go with anything.

Id definitely recommend these, I've worn them pretty much most weekends too, when I'm going to dinner, or a few drinks, they look great and are super comfy, they are roughly around £15.00 and I know Primark isn't always reliable but they do seem quite sturdy so I'm hoping to get lots of use out of these, as I know ill be wearing them a lot.

Are you a fan of ankle boots?


  1. Loving these! I need to get to Primark soon :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  2. Im a huge fan of ankle boots but i've never got any from primark, I just usually head to New Look but these are actually really nice! Great find :)

    Your blog photos are amazing too btw!

    Great post :)

    Sarah at

  3. I want these I need to have another dash to Primark

  4. SO CUTE!! I saw some boots like this that I really wanted but sadly I left them behind :(

    (I regret it!!)


    1. ahhh no, go back and get them haha :) x

  5. They are lovely! I wish I had a Primark closer to me :(


  6. These are gorgeous I need way more ankle boots for autumn can't get enough xxx

    Blonde of carbs

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  8. they're so nice! wouldn't have thought they were primark :)

    from helen at /// new blog sale

  9. Those are adorable! I'm not a huge fan of ankle boots but there something I will have check out more. Great post!

    Awkwardgirlx Blog

  10. I'm a huge fan of ankle boots! These are really cute, though the heel looks too high for me. I love how black ankle boots go with almost everything! Xx

  11. oooooooo these are cute! I love these! I need a pair of cute brown boots!


  12. Primark boots are great! I love this style. Only wish I was shorter then I could get away with heels in the daytime haha. I've never really had a problem with the quality of the heels, which is strange seeing as the flats can fall apart so badly!
    lily x

  13. Those are amazing! I've been meaning to go to Primark to get some boots! always such good price!

    Hannah xxx

  14. I love a good pair of ankle boots! These are lovely, I picked up a similar pair for £15 from Primark about a month ago. They're grey and I love them! They do seem a lot more sturdy than shoes I used to get from there, maybe they are taking a little more care with them? aha :)