Monday, 29 September 2014

LoveMeBeauty Box / September Edition

Love Me beauty had abit of a relaunch, instead of choosing between 3 menus, subscribers are free to browse the boutique with 6 credits each month against the products that appeal to you, they give you a beauty survey, thats all about your skin, hair colour etc, once you have filled that out, they then provide you with a few products on what you based your answers on in the survey, you are then given 6 credits to spend, everything is either 1-2 credits so you should be able to get 3-6 products every month depending on what you choose. 

The selection wasn't big, but I'm hoping that will be improved in the future. I actually asked for 2 more products but a lady messaged me saying they had run out of stock, ' I wasn't impressed' so she offered me an extra 2 credits to use next month so in all ill have 8 credits to use 'which I'm not complaining about lol'. Now lets go ahead and see what I picked...
Nail Girls - Nail Polish
Who can never have too many nail polishes? I haven't heard of this brand before , Nail girls. I actually don't own a light pink nail polish, I'm interested to see how long this will last on my nails, its a lovely colour to add to my collection.

Murad Age-Diffusing Firming Mask
I have never tried Murad products before,  I always see them in Marks & Spencers and every time i walk past I always have a peek, I love using masks its one of my favourite products to use if I'm having a paper evening, I can't wait to use it, I'm defiantly going to make this little sample last a long time its so cute.
Murad - acne & Wrinkle Reducer
I also picked another Murad product, I know this is a good brand and quite expensive so as I had the chance of picking it, I did lol, I know it says its for acne and wrinkles but it may be good for the odd spot I receive, I may just have to work with it, and give it a go and see if it does any wonders to my skin.
 Absolute Bronzing Boost
This was an exciting product to receive, I love bronzers and I could keep buying them, this is a liquid bronzer and very runny, I had to test this out straight away, I had no idea what was the best way to apply it so I applied this under my makeup, then applied my foundation on top, it looked very natural, I can't wait to use it more and see which is the best way to use it.

Overall, I really like the idea of picking your own products, from now on you wont be receiving products your not interested in trying, however the price hasn't changed so your still paying £10 plus p&p. I can't wait for next months box (october) and I'm hoping it will be even better.

Are you subscribed to any subcribtion boxes?


  1. I've been considering starting a subscription lately and love me beauty has been one I've been looking into. I've been a little confused how the credits work as it seems like you have less products, but reading how you like the box means I'm a little closer to the thought of getting it myself.

    || Sarah xo || time to see the stars ||

    1. i have less credits this month because they ran out of stock of the products that i picked, so next month ill have more credits, to make it up to me :) x

  2. I love beauty boxes! A great way to try new brands :)

  3. I was subscribed to love me beauty before they recently relaunched and I liked the idea of picking my box (although I nearly almost forgot) however, this is a nice little idea. Not only a box tailored to you, but a box that you're more likely to use the products in as you picked them yourself.

    I'll have to take a look!

    Sammy xo.

  4. The credit system sounds like a fab idea! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  5. I've been subscribed to both Glossybox and Birchbox before, and I think the credit system of this box sounds amazing
    I've been really let down by 'mystery' boxes before so I love the fact that you get to choose the items you receive!
    Zelda xx

  6. This beauty box seems nice. I haven't tried Murad products either, but I've heard it's a great brand. I also love face masks, so please report back on the Age Diffusing Firming Mask. :) x | Instagram

  7. perfect post . thanks for sharing the products i really appreciate it

  8. Great Post I love the color of the nail polish!

    Awkwardgirlx Blog

  9. this looks like a really interesting concept! can't way to see if it improves in the future, i'll definitely be checking it out!

    Elena | A Style Shake

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