Friday, 25 July 2014

Love Me Beauty Box / July Edition

Im back with another Love Me Beauty Box review, this is my 4th box now and I'm so happy i signed up to them, you get some pretty awesome products you've never heard of or wouldn't even think of trying, which i think is great for when you sign up to these sort of things, Im sorry the box looks bit messy, the guy who delivered it left it outside in the pouring rain and didn't ring the door bell, so i wasn't pleased about that, but anyway I picked box 1, heres a little bit more about the products below.
Welda Sea Buckthorn replenishing body lotion 
I had no idea i was going to receive this product, so that was nice of them to put something extra in and its a full size product too which is great, Ive never tried anything from Welda before, its smell quite fruity, when i applied it, it soaked straight into the skin, it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy.  This will definitely be getting a lot of love from me.

Lashem (2ml Sample) Lashem Lash Enhancing Serum - £40 
 This serum claims to give your lashes a helping hand to make an appearance and also nourish and condition. Ive always wanted to try a lash enhance serum, but didn't know if they actually work, I have straight short lashes, so I'm quite excited to see if this makes a difference.

Ofra Pressed Eye Shadow in 'Sublime' - £8.80
This is one product I wont be using from the box as I have really sensitive eye lids so anything I put on them, makes my eyes sooooo dry its horrible :( which is a shame because the colour is so pretty, its a cranberry colour with a hint of gold shimmer, it would be a perfect evening colour.

Ofra Universal Eyebrow Eyeliner - £7.60
I'm definitely going to be using this everyday, the perfect colour for my eyebrows (dark brown) I'm super happy I got this.

So Susan Dual Brow Powder - £11.95
Brow filling is my every day to day routine, Ive always used a brow pencil, I've never used a powder as i think it can be quite messy but however I'm up for trying out new products, ill have a full review on this product in the next couple of days.

So Susan Flutter Mascara - £14.95
You can never have too many mascaras, I look forward to receiving these kind of products as I love trying different mascaras, Ive tried quite a few of So Susan products and they haven't disappointed me yet, Ill have a review up on this also in a couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Teashed Northern Brew  20 whole leaf Ceylon silky pyramid teabags - £3.50
I'm not a fan of trying all these different types of teas, this is a white tea which is naturally low in caffeine which means you can drink this in the day and at night, it also helps you to sleep and is full of antioxidants, Ive already tried it, and its not a thumbs up for me I'm afraid, its very weak and had no taste, but this would be great for anyone who likes trying different teas out there.

Bottled Sunshine Bath Salt
I also was not expecting this item this month, I have no idea why I've received two new products, but I'm loving it haha, I will definitely be using this in the winter when i have my baths again as right now its too hot, I'm hoping the Bath salt doesn't irritate my skin.

Overall I'm very happy with this months beauty box, I can't believe I got 8 items this month and 1 being a sample size product, you can't go wrong for just £10 a month plus p&p, and altogether costing over £60.


  1. I'd love to try some "So Susan" products - they sound really lovely!
    The eyeshadow you got is gorgeous! Such a bummer you can use it :(
    xx Ann-Kathrin

  2. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.

    Love John Setrodipo

  3. Really need to get myself signed up to this. So many great products in this box and all for a great price! Lovely blog x

  4. I really want to sign up to a beauty box! I keep seeing posts on them and I'm always jealous! I don't think I've ever seen teabags in a beauty box before though, aha XD
    Elesaurus |

  5. I love your banner! I really need to get a beauty box. But I'm afraid of running out of money haha! But it really would take the guessing out of products. Sighhh.

  6. I'd love to try a beauty box out, but there's so many to choose from and they all seem to vary in quality each month! this looks like a pretty good selection though.

    1. ahh i know theres so many id love to try out another box x

  7. I got the same box this month too! Loving the So Susan mascara, just gorgeous :) xx

  8. Looks like a great box! I've never tried anything from the brand Welda before but it looks really good and now I', curious about it! ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  9. Hi hun! Lovely posts. You linked your blog to me on the twitter chat a couple of days ago. I've been following you for quite a while now. I loooove your blog! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your future posts. Mind checking out mine as well? Keep in touch hun xx


  10. These products look so fun! I've heard of this box but have never gotten it - might have to try it!

    Gwenayfer |

  11. The got the Weleda Sea Buckhorn hand cream in a previous box and oh my goodness, it's so nice, I bet the body lotion is just as good.

    Love Me Beauty have been more of the miss and less of the hit lately I have paused my subscription but this looks like a great box, I'm gutted I missed it.

    Emma xx ||

    1. yeah its del a hit and miss with this box x

  12. Love Me Beauty definitely won me back with this month's box. I was so happy to see a mascara now that mine's run out! I didn't get the bath salts though so I'm a bit jel ;P xx

  13. Lovely post! I love finding out what people received in their beauty boxes.
    Very tempted to get a subscription!