Monday, 14 July 2014

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Review

This is my first ever Caudalie product, I've heard a lot about this brand and product so was super excited when i got my hands on this. 

So what is it? Its a beauty mist inspired by the elixir of youth, used by queen Isabella of hungary, this mist smoothes features, tightens pores, and provides an instant burst of radiance to the complexion.

This comes in a glass bottle with a fine mist spray, It contains grape, orange blossom, rose organic balm mint and rosemary. It can be used as part of you skincare routine so once you've cleansed you can then use this as a toner, or to set your make up, or just to use in the day to give your skin a little pick up. Ive been using this for all them things its very refreshing. The scent of this is very strong which I didn't expect, its very minty, now some people may like the scent but for me its a little overpowering. The main thing is, has it done anything to my skin, the answer is no it hasn't i can't notice any benefits from this product, I've been using it for quite  a bit and my skin just looks the same like always, The only thing I like about it is that it makes my skin look a 
bit more radiant which isn't a bad thing really, 

I wish I did fall in love with this product as Ive heard such great things, I wish it did do wonder to my skin but guess some products just don't work the same as it does for others, Its just like any other spray I've used. I wont be purchasing this again.

Have you tried anything for Caudalie? 


  1. It has quite an interesting background story, haven't seen that before. I've always wanted to try this product, but it seems like it doesn't work. But then again every thing works differently for everyone.

    1. yeah exactly may work for you :) x

  2. I adore this spray, i keep one in the fridge for an extra fresh spritz to pick me up. I didn't know it was favoured by royalty haha
    xo Kirsty

    1. i never thought off that, thanks for telling me I'm going to stick it in the fridge haha :) x

  3. I've never heard about this product before, but the packaging is really nice! =)
    Great post, I really like your blog! I found it because of the #bbloggers chat!
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  4. I always thought this was just a glorified thermal water. lol | still nonetheless want to try it out! haha Oh the hype! xx

    Ferdie @

  5. I've used that product and I love it
    do we follow?
    let me know and I'll follow you back

  6. That's a shame; there's nothing worse then wanting to love something and not being able to :o(

    I also really want to try this brand, have you heard of the Divine Oil? this is a really popular product by Caudalie if you're not put off by your experience with this one xx


  7. I had this and it didn't win me over either!

    Sophie xx