Saturday, 1 February 2014

Glam Glow Super-mud clearing Mask Review

I love this mask this is my second bottle. It draws out a lot of the thick oils clogging up my pores over my nose. As a person with normal skin (to slightly dry skin in this crap weather) I don't feel like my skin is dry and tight after this mask. It doesn't seem to draw out the essential oils on my face, only the excessive oils out of the already enlarged pores or spots. After the oils are gone, I feel a huge difference in the overall feeling of my skin. Very smooth, less bumpy over my nose, the pores reduced.

 Lets go ahead and look at the most unflattering pictures of me, here I've applied a thin layer to my face, it goes black and dries stiff to a light dusty grey

 You can see the mask has some chunkier bits in it, that must be one of the ingredients


You can see where its starting to extract all the gunk and oils out of some spots and large pours i have where the mask has dried. They are the small dark spots on the dry areas of the mask.

Annnnd the dry mask, look at all of that oil that the mask has pulled out of my pores, nasty! 

Ive always noticed when i have the odd spot, I apply this mask, take it off and immediately the spot has reduced its redness, its amazing and its a good spot treatment too.
 You leave the mask on for 10mins and you can feel the mask tightening up on your face too, its hard to talk with it on.  I then use warm water and a face cloth to remove, I then tone and moisturise.  Your face feels soo smooth and soft its lovely. I do this procedure once a week. It is pricey, I brought mine from marks & Spencer's at £45.00 but Ive checked on the Internet and you can get it somewhere else abit cheaper. 

I hope i helped someone out there, and tell me what mask your loving this month! I love masks and I'm always wanting to try different ones.


  1. Lovely post! I have tried glamglow before and loved it! I defo want to try supermud!

    F x

  2. I eye this up every time I'm in M&S but i just can't justify the price tag. But i will definitely pick up a small tub on my next trip to the states. Great review! xo

    1. I know its ridiculous the price :( lucky can you pick me one up too? haha I kid :) x