Friday, 3 July 2015

YSL Touche Eclait Foundation

Im currently writing this post while sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, I love days like this its makes blogging even more enjoyable. Todays post is all about my first high end foundation YSL Touche Eclait, thats write my FIRST ever high end foundation, I've always been sceptical about buying such expensive foundations to just put on my face but I can see why everyones loves it, its amazing.

 YSL come in so many shades, B10, BD10, BR20, BD20, B30, BR30, B40, BD40, BR40, BD50, BR50, B60, BD60, BR60, BD70, B80 and B90. BR (Beige Rose) shades are for those with cool/pink undertones, BD (Beige Dore) shades are for those with warm/golden undertones and B (Beige) shades are for balanced/Beige undertones. When I purchased this foundation online I did so much research to try and find which shade I was, I know I have yellow undertones so I new I would be a BD. I am currently in the shade BD20 and I'm wearing it in the picture above (no filter) so you can see how it looks on the skin and what the shade looks like roughly, hopefully it gives you a rough idea on what it looks like. At the moment its a bit too light for me as I have abit of a tan, but when I'm not tanned its the perfect shade and matches me so well, I was quite lucky considering I ordered online.

My skin is combination and fairly clear most days but I do have the odd break out, so in a foundation im not bothered if its light weight or buildable/heavy. This YSL foundation is really creamy and fairly thin so its light weight but you can build it up, it blends in so easy due to it being light weight and creamy, I like to use a flat top brush and one or two pumps covers my entire face, it makes my skin look so healthy looking and luminous.

This lasts forever on me I can do a whole day at work and it still looks pretty fresh, even though I use a primer, powder and setting spray which is properly why it last forever but still its pretty amazing it doesn't go patchy in the slightest. This would be perfect for anyone with dry skin as it has the luminous effect but I think its suitable for all skin types, I can be pretty oily but I just powder and it looks completely fine.

This retails at £31.50, I ordered this from house of fraser as they were having 10% off and free delivery, so I was lucky to get it a little bit cheaper, a bargain is better than nothing. Have you tried this foundation before? What do you think of it?


  1. I haven't had a chance to try this foundation yet but I'd love to especially since it obviously has really good staying power. Thanks for the review <3

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  2. I have never tried this foundation but it sounds great! You mentioned that it is light which seems perfect for the Summer weather. Staying power also seems good. Great review! x


  3. Sounds lovely! Some discount is better than none at all :) x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  4. This is one of my favourite foundations of all time, I've repurchased it that's how much I loved it, L'oreal true match is a decent dupe but it breaks me out really badly :(

    Rosy |

  5. I've never tried this foundation but I have heard great things about it! The bottle is gorgeous and it looks really pretty on your skin. Pictures look great! xxx

  6. I've have a touche ├ęclat concealer before and loved it, might be worth giving this a go too!

  7. This is one of my favourite foundations xx
    Glossy Boutique