Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Base Before The Makeup

Im currently outside enjoying the sun while writing a blog post, whats more relaxing than that?
I was having a think and was struggling with what to post, then I realised I haven't done a Beauty/Makeup post in a while, god knows why cause thats what I love to write about the most. I thought Id share with you my Base routine before I apply my makeup, and these are the products I pretty much use evertime, whether its a quick rush to the shops, or a day out or even when I got out for drinks/clubbing. I never miss out any of these steps. I do think these products make my makeup last all day and looks quite fresh when I've done an 8 hour day at work. I haven't seen much of these posts about either, if so they include the foundation. Right so moving on to what I use.
The one step I can never miss out is moisturiser, which is a key thing if you ask me, its my holy grail product. This Soap & Glory 5 in 1 moisture lotion does the trick for me, its very hydrating and gives my skin such a glow and its smells nice too. I have combonation skin and a bit on the dry side (which is weird for me as I used to be very oily) I need that moisture in my skin before I apply my foundation or wise it will look awful and flakey. 
While the moisturiser is settling into my skin, Ill then just pop a tiny bit of eye cream under my eyes. I never used to use an eye cream EVER, but when I received this in my LoveMeBeautyBox last year, I have been using this ever since and I'm so glad I do now. Eye Cream is an important step, firstly we don't want our concealer to crease but secondly we don't want horrible saggy bags when we are older.
The next step ill use is this Tea tree Pore Minimiser, as I said before I have combination skin, so my main problem area is my large pores, I need something to minimise them. Im not sure if these type of products actually work, but I just feel like I have to use it no matter what, orwise it feels like my routine isn't complete. As its a tea Tree product its brilliant for the odd spot too so I like to pop a bit of this onto the area also.
Last but not least are my two favourite primers in the whole wide world, a bit of an exageration? These two products make my skin last all day and I'm not even joking, I wont use these two primers together much but if I'm going on a night out and I don't want my makeup to budge then I will. Ill use the rimmel then Ill spray the primer water ontop just to give that extra staying power, ha I think it does anyway. Rimmel fix & Perfect primer is amazing for highstreet and its so affordable, I love the smell, I love how it applies onto my face and how amazing it looks on my skin, my foundation glides on so well. Next is the SmashBox Photo finish Primer Water, after I've moisturised, done my eye cream and use my pore minister ill just spray this all over my face, I was bit sceptical at first but I love it.

I hope you enjoyed this post as its something bit different. I really enjoyed writing it. Let me know what products you use before applying your makeup etc.


  1. I always use primers and love them. I really want to try the Tea Tree one x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. lovely
    new post:

  3. Must give the body shop one a go :)

  4. Ooh ive heard so many good things about that smashbox primer, it looks so amazing! I really want to try it! Great post! X

  5. Moisturising is a must for me!
    Great post love, I like the quality of your images! Very professional looking

  6. Ooh I've never tried the S&G moisture lotion but it sounds great, I'll try it since I love S&G! I swear by Rimmel's Fix & Perfect and have done since 2012!!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  7. I have to admit I'm SO lazy pre-foundation, usually just a bit of foundation and that's it! However I'm looking for a good primer so I'll have to look into these 2 you recommend :)

    Claire | | xx

  8. The Rimmel primer is my favourite highstreet primer I think. So many are just not quite right but this is exactly what I want! Such great value x

  9. Lovely post! I always use a primer spray, otherwise my make-up just slips off! x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  10. I love the bodyshop tea tree pore minimiser , It's amazing isn't it xx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  11. I've seen a few posts about the Smashbox primer water now - it sounds really interesting! I love to use a primer underneath any base now, I love NARS, Lancome and Elemis for something hydrating and radiant!

    Jasmine |

  12. Ohhhhh I think I need that Tea Tree Pore Minimiser?!!!? Sounds ideal!

  13. Oooo tempted by the S&G. I love the packaging!


  14. Desperate to try the smashbox primer water!

    Lauren x |