Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Welcome :)

Here it goes....

welcome to my blog :) I've been wanting to start my own beauty/fashion blog for agessss but I haven't had the courage to do it, the amount of times I'm looking on everyone's blogs I'm like ' I should really give this a go' and here I am!! 

I am sooo obsessed with makeup and clothes it's unreal, even though I don't have a lot compared to some people but to me it is haha! 

So you may have guessed this will be a beauty and fashion blog with abit of haircare, food and outings which I can't wait to share :) 

I can't wait to meet loads of new people along the way! If you follow me ill follow back!
I hope you enjoy xo


  1. hi dear
    good luck
    i start my blog recently too and i enjoy it :)
    see you


  2. Hi thank you, I know I love it so far :) x